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Frequently Asked Questions

What is
RaceReportsNet is a central location for teams and skaters to post race reports, results and photos. That also makes it the central location to find reports, results and photos. We are not for profit. RaceReportsNet is a coalition of webmasters and inline skating teams. Individuals may also contribute content.

We make it easy to get your information out there and we make it simple for the public to find the information. In this way we are trying to increase interest and participation in racing to promote the sport. This is the overall goal of RaceReportsNet- to promote the sport and increase participation in racing.

Why is this a good idea?
People want more information faster, you want more free time.
Too many times race reports get posted on the web late, incomplete or not at all because it takes alot of time and effort to do the website entry, formatting and updating. Wouldn't it be faster and easier if all that had to be done was to enter the report using a simple browser form interface and letting the RaceReportsNet computer put everything into your choice of layouts?

Here is a Sample Report created entirely in RaceReportsNet and the Original Report hard coded in the original website. It took less than 1/4 of the time to create, publish and link the report using RaceReportsNet.

A central location gives everyone better exposure and it gives our sport better exposure.
When people know they can check one easily navigated and well presented website for the latest reports you know that has to mean better exposure for everyone. Your team's skaters have put in long, hard hours to excel. Shouldn't they get better recognition for their work and achievement? Won't that hotshot on your team in Primary Boys work harder to see his name up on the web?

There is strength in numbers.
When your skaters join together as a team they become a stronger force. When our teams join together we become a stronger force. RaceReportsNet makes it easier to show outside industry sponsors the excitement and vitality of the sport.

How does it work?
As simply as possible. Teams may join now by emailing us your logo and website address to [email protected]. A team information form is online for you to update and add information about your team. Your information is used to generate a basic homepage like this on the RaceReportsNet website. (Note: We are enhancing the homepage feature so that teams with no other website can customize a set of pages to create a free and easy website presence here. Email the webmaster if you are interested.)

Creating a Report:
After you join you can file reports by simply filling in a form online. Enter your report by typing it into the our website form, or by cutting and pasting it from your word processor. If you are a dial-up user (connect through your phone line at 56Kbps or similar) you can type your entire report into Notepad, Wordpad or similar programs already on your computer. Then you just cut and paste from your computer to the RaceReportsNet webform, add your pictures, format and publish. That way you can take just a few minutes of busy time on your phone line and with your hourly dial-up charges.

Loading Photos:
Photos are very easy to add through any easy two step menu. Your photos are under your control. You decide if you want to upload, edit or delete your photos. No one else has access to them.

Race Results Lists:
Initially, race results may be entered as text in the same way you would enter your report or story. We will eventually have a database of skaters, teams and competition categories to make it easy to enter lots of results data. Results files that are too complex or that are in a proprietary database may simply be linked from RaceReportsNet to your website results database.

Publishing and Showing Your Report:
When everything is entered into the RaceReportsNet website form and you have selected a report format from a short list of choices, then you click the submit button. The information is then loaded into our database and automatically formatted into a complete web page that is ready to view. Your report is added as a link on our reports page so that it is easily found. Your links back to your website may be added. You may later edit or update the information and the report will be updated and reformatted. You could also save your report as a "Draft" so that it is not visible on the website until you are finished with it and change the status to "Final".

Censorship and Editorial Policy:
We do not censor your reports or information. The only exceptions are that no profanity can be permitted and obviously no defamatory or illegal statements will be permitted.

The editorial policy of RaceReportsNet is to be open and absolutely neutral on content. We are not for profit. Any contact, mailing list or database information we gather will not be re-sold and is intended solely for use of RaceReportsNet. You will not be put on any outside mailing list or be spammed by RaceReportsNet.

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