Saturday, April 29, 2006
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Advertising Policy:
This website accepts limited advertising on the RaceReportsNet home page at a base rate and on the forum pages at premium rates. If you would like to advertise contact the [email protected]

You cannot sell ad space within the reports you file on RaceReportsNet. You may have links in your reports, back to your own website or elsewhere. You do have the freedom to write your reports without us editing the content. Factory and Pro teams will naturally want to talk about their products in their reports, and regional teams may mention the equipment they use and their sponsors. This is fine.

Our Advertising Income:
Advertising revenue will be used for these purposes in this order:

Advertising Rates:
We offer standard 120 x 60 pixel ad blocks on selected pages, but not on the reports filed by our contributors. We reserve the right to limit the number of ads running at one time. Placement and position of ads will be at our discretion for the overall appearance of the website. Ads do not have to be graphics; text ads can be run based upon the same advertising rates for space and time shown below in the example size ads.

Ad Formats and Source:
Your ad content does not have to reside on our web server, although that will usually be the case. Your ad content may reside at any URL (web address) and we will link to it— ask your webmaster.

For example, you can have a graphic or ad titled "RacereportsAd.gif" on your web server (i. e., ""). We will link to it and it will show up in the advertising space you have bought. You can then change the content of the ad at any time on your web server and the new ad content will immediately appear in your ad space on RaceReportsNet as long as it is named according to link we have set up. You can buy an ad space for 2 months and change the ad content daily, weekly or monthly or whenever you want.

Please contact the [email protected] if you would like to advertise.

Example Ad Sizes and Rates:
Example Size Ad
1 month

$125 Base Rate, Home Page

$250 Forum Pages Rate


$175 Base Rate, Home Page

$350 Forum Pages Rate

Forum page ads are available on a month to month basis only. No animation is permitted in Forum page ads.