Printed: Monday, October 29, 2007
WIC Zurich
   City Streets Zurich, SWI
   Monday, June 20, 2005

SAAB Salomon victorious during the Zurich sprint!

Zurich is probably one of the more beautiful "Grand Prix" races of the World Inline Cup, but it is also one of the most difficult! It is the first time in history that the Zurich World Inline Cup finished in a breakaway!

Most of the International skaters had run in the Paris race the night before and needed to watch out for the national skaters who had not run and were more refreshed to run in Zurich.  The extreme heat had made the race especially tiresome; The asphalt had melted in some turns, and falls were inevitable.

Four and a half laps made up about 39km

First Lap:
The pack carefully forms in position, and each team puts itself in place for the established tactic for the entire race.

Second Lap : 
Adrenaline levels rise. Attack after attack. The heat becomes unberable. The athletes need to use all of their skills and concentration to keep their place in the pack and try to work in cadence with their respective teams to control the actions of the opposing teams.

Third Lap :
The race is more and more animated. The athletes find their place, there are more and more attacks and counter attacks. Finally an escape with Mickael Lannezval (Inline Center) followed by Pier Davide Romani (Saab Salomon), Alexis Contin (Rollerbablade) and Baptiste Grandgirard (Fila). But can they hold this escape till the end???

Fourth Lap :
Kalon Dobbin and Scott Arlidge (Athleticum) join the escape, which holds on to its 20 second advance on the rest of the pack. After the final turn, the sprint should be launched, but there is still more than 1km before the finish line! It is the most difficult to put forth the final effort the sprint is finally launched. Baptiste Grandgirard and Kalon Dobbin start straying behind a few meters before the finish. The victory will be for Pier Davide Romani, Mickael Lannezval or Alexis Contin

Davide Romani, a fast and a physically strong sprinter crossed the finish line first! By winning this stage of the World Inline Cup he proved to be none the less.  Alexis Contin, due to a technical mistake crossed it second; Mickael Lannezval who worked extremely hard during the race came in third.

The first victory for the SAAB Salomon Team, and we dont plan to stop our success there!


1.Pier Davide Romani - Saab Salomon World
2.Alexis Contin - Rollerblade
3.Mickael Lannezval - Inline Center
4.Baptiste Grandgirad - Fila
5.Kalon Dobbin - Athleticum
6.Scott Arlidge - Athleticum
7.Luca Saggirato - Fila
8.Jorge Botero - Rollerblade
9.Massi Presti - Fila
10.Stefano Galliazo Mariani


1.Jessica Smith - Hyper
2.Andrea Harrichelar - Athleticum
3.Laura Lombardo - Roces



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