Printed: Thursday, February 23, 2006
Hamburg Marathon
   Road Course Hamburg, GDR
   Friday, April 29, 2005

Hamburg Marathon

Gicquel the new world champion for 30 and over!!

Even though, this year the Hamburg Marathon was scheduled on the same day as the international trophy of Gro-Gerau, it still attracted two of the principal teams the SAAB Salomon World Team and Fila International.

The first part of the marathon was run at a reasonable pace faltered only by a few attacks of two of our Saab Salomon World Team (Gicquel and Cardin). These two yellow and black teammates faced two strong opponents from the Fila International team (Saggiorato and Presti).  At 17 kilometers from the finish line, Franck Cardin changed the rhythm of the entire race for good.  At first alone in the lead, he was joined by Arnaud Gicquel (Saab Salomon), Arjan Smit (Nefit) and Luca Saggiorato.  The gap between these four and the rest of the pack only got bigger from this point on.

Saggiorato Could not keep up with the impressive rhythm imposed by Cardin and Gicquel. At 5 km from the finish line Cardin sprinted off again, but this time followed only by Arnaud Gicquel. Arjan Smit arrived third at the finish line.

Arnaud Gicquel crossed the finish line first only 5 seconds slower than the record of this race. The Saab Salomon Team can also be proud of Pascal Briand, who came in first of the rest of the pack only three minutes after the leaders, and right before Massimiliano Presti.


1 Arnaud Gicquel (SAAB Salomon World) 1h0730
2 Franck Cardin (SAAB Salomon World)

3 Arjan Smit (Nefit)
4 Luca Saggiorato (Fila International)
5 Pascal Briand (SAAB Salomon World)

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