Printed: Sunday, May 08, 2005
Downer's Grove
   City Streets Downer's Grove, IL
   Sunday, August 22, 2004

Downers Grove Inline National Championships

The Fast & Too Furious at Downers Grove!!!!

story: Jim Larson
photos: Courtesy of Sub Zero Sports

Pro Men:

1. Chad Hedrick
2. Dane Lewis
3. Franck Cardin

Pro Women:

1. Ashley Horgan
2. Alicia Taggert
3. Sarah Elliott

Master Men:

1. Norman Kirby
2. Edgar Mesa
3. Ron Dillow

Master Ladies:

1. Margo Ariagno
2. ??
3. Denise Larson(yes, Jim Larson's wife)LOL

Great Racing. A full jam packed field sprint in the Pro Men's Race. Franck Cardin attacked early on as Hedrick looking confident as usual maintained the rest of the field keeping Cardin in sight. As the time ticked down in the 20 minute + 2 laps event, the rest of the field thinning just a bit. Hedrick and Lewis were able to reel Cardin of Salomon back to the pack. Not too many attacks from then on out. It was a field of the top 15-16 men racing out of the final corner and a drag race to the line for 150m. It would be Hedrick taking the Championships and Lewis on the outside for a great 2nd place finish just edging out Franck Cardin who crossed in 3rd.

The Pro Womans event saw Ashley Horgan and Alicia Taggert battle in a field sprint to the line as well. Ashley Horgan jumped out around Taggert and it was a dual to the line for the win. Horgan of Rollerblade taking the title with Taggert taking 2nd.

The Master Men was a bit more spread out but Norm Kirby outlasted Edgar Mesa and Ron Dillow in the final uphill sprint to the finish.

The RACE of the day is going to Stephen Carter representing Sub Zero Skates, in the cyclist vs. inline challenge. Carter with lane choice, chose the right lane, and off they were! Carter with a huge lead at 50 meters at the midway point and the cyclist from Italy making his move and closing the gap, 5 meters before the finish, one hesitation and the most incredible inline hawk on the planet was thrown out there! The cyclist from Italy being no stranger to a field sprint I'm sure. Closed the gap and just nipped Carter at the finish line, lunging his bike foward for the win! It was a great finish and the best challenge yet for the cyclist and inline skater in Downers Grove History.

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