Printed: Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Ohio Speedskating Tour, Salem
   Salem Arena Salem, OH
   Sunday, November 07, 2004

"Oldest continually running speedskating league in the U.S."
327 Earl Avenue
Washington Courthouse, Ohio


SALEM, OHIO -- The sixtieth season of the Ohio Speedskating Tour went off without a hitch on the small tight speedskating oval in downtown Salem, Ohio.  The Ohio Speedskating Tour worked all morning and into the afternoon to make the track suitable for top race conditions.  The 'Martinsville' of the Ohio speedskating tracks, Salem was coated with a light layer of plastic however it was spotty making skating a correct track pivotal to succeeding in the speedskating races.  For the first time since 1998, the Ohio tour printed 60th anniversary t-shirts to spread the cheer.  The next tournament will be a clash of the Buckeyes and Keystones as the Pennsylvania and Ohio leagues will collide in the newest facility in the nation. 

Teams represented include Team Marysville, Newark Speedskating Team, Northeast Ohio Speedskating Team, Skyborn Speedskating Team, Fast Foward Speedskating Team, Miami University RedHawks, West Virginia Rolling Rednex, Marion Rockets, Cincinnati Skatetown Speedskating Team, GT Speed, Team Velocity, the Ohio Eliminators, Findlay Heat, and Michigan Thunder. 


OHIO SPEEDSKATING TOUR                                                            
       Standings entering Buckeye Keystone Clash (Hermitage, Penn.)

1)  Marysville, Ohio ; 425        
2)  Newark, Ohio ; 365    
3)  Cincinnati, Ohio ; 275 
4)  Hermitage, Penn. ; 270
5)  Marion, Ohio ; 180
6)  Akron, Ohio ; 120        
7)  Michigan Thunder ; 110       
8)  Findlay, Ohio ; 100  
9)  Dayton, Ohio ; 95  
10) West Virginia ; 75           
11) Miami U./Oxford, OH ; 40        
12) Georgia ; 30
13) Mansfield, Ohio ; 30
14) Ohio Velocity ; 5

About the Conference
The Ohio Speedskating Tour is one of the oldest speedskating leagues in the United States. Founded in 1944, the tour is a registered non-profit under the name of �Ohio Buckeye Speed League�. The Ohio Speedskating Tour is a registered program of U.S. Roller Sports, the national governing of competitive roller-skating in the United States recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee. In the vested interest of the State of Ohio, the Ohio Speedskating Tour (OST) is interested in developing in-line skating athletes to represent Ohio in the annual U.S. Regional and National Championships. The administration of the tour consists of an Executive Board that convenes annually to finalize a schedule, national regulations to implement, and other issues to further Ohio Speedskating.

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