Printed: Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Toronto Race Weekend
   Canada Toronto, ON
   Saturday, August 07, 2004


K2's Eddie Wilcox rolls to Toronto Marathon Victory In huge field sprint with a " SUPER HAWK' of Bonts Steve Robiliard.

Steve Robillard actually passed the first thin wire of the AMB timing system with his hips in front of Wilcox, as Steve(ice) jabbed for the line Eddie's 100mm HYPER ever so slightly(.009) in front of the Bont 88. Eddie thought the crack in the road 10m earlier was the red finish so he had max extension at the actual finish.
1- Eddie Wilcox
2- Steve Robillard
3- Aaron Arndt
4- Olivier Jean
5- Randy Bowman

Canada's Martine Charboneau continued her comeback and skated a super strong 42k to beat the weekend's overall champ 13 year old Sheena Freeman.-
1-Martine Charboneau
2- Sheena Freeman
3- Tatia Wallace
4- Chelsea Parry
5- Marty Bortolon

They were followed very closely by a deep field of great skaters. Many Canadian superstars, Turcotte, Robillard, DOUCET, Jean, Matieus, Olympic ice GOLD medalists et al.

Peter Ducet and friends were on mark for a weekend of excellent races for all.Niagara Falls isnt the only reason to make the trip. These guys put on a first rate event with $$ prizes and many smiles from all.

The 10K on the track(209m) saw Peter Ducet in control of the 10K with 400m to go. Pyro Apparel's Animal Supreme Randy Bowman made the sweetest move of the competition,did an impossible inside pass and took off. Bonts Robillard chased with Wilcox in tow, but couldnt catch Bowman who kicked butt!!!

The 1500 saw K2's Wilcox tracking the super strong Robillard around the final corner and passing him when his wheels slipped out badly and he almost fell, Wilcox won the race here to sweep the Marathon and Sprint GOLD!!! Bowman got caught in a bad position for the break but caught easily for third place!

Large wheels,Bont 88, HYPER 100mm Mach 2,etc. For many of the top placers, Randy Bowman noticed the big (100mm)wheels were the only ones not slipping badly on the track.

Very nice race, Empire NYC will be back again as always

Some Happy Winners

The Big Dogs Visit Doug

Jim White Came from Wisconsin

Desmond Kameka

Podium for Girls Track

Aaron Kincaide with the Beautiful Toronto Skyline in the Background

Eddie Wilcox of K2/Empire takes the Marathon Victory with his Finish Line Lunge

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