Printed: Thursday, February 23, 2006
Rolling Rampage
   Queen's Park Toronto, On
   Saturday, June 19, 2004

The 2004 Rolling Rampage took place on June 19th on a cool and sunny day in downtown Toronto. The event has grown in numbers since the first race took place in October of 2003. Toronto Inline Skating Club and myself supported the event with promotion, registration, prize money, and other logistical areas of need. The race went very well, with Steve Robillard (Team Bont North America) taking the win in a 4/5 skater sprint, and Chelsea Parry (Toronto Inline) taking the women's win in a 4-skater sprint. The event featured some coverage on the CBC, Canada's national television network. The event was a fundraiser for the Canadian Foudation For Physically Disabled Persons.

Men's results

Women's results

My report from my website

Photo Gallery #1

Photo Gallery #2

Photo Gallery #3

The CBC truck on-hand- The CBC was broadcasting live throughout the day from the site of the Rolling Rampage.

M&M; Meats was at the race serving hot-dogs and burgers.

Wayne Burrett and Gillian Clarke (current president of TISC) helped with registration and announcing.

Chelsea Parry, Morganne Echadour, and Pan Mau before the start of the race.

Skaters are ready to go...

...and the race is off!

Benoit Joubert ahead of Steve Robillard, Camillo Echeverri, and myself. You can also see Herb Gayle, Tatia Wallace, Dennis Lo, and Tom Hanham.

That's me leading Aaron Arndt and Jordan Belchos.

Steve Robillard leads myself, Aaron Arndt, and Jordan Belchos. On the inside is Morganne Echadour.

Carolyn Gullo leads Rhett Cappleman, Carla Raetsen, Pan Mau, and Stephen Fischer.

On-stage at the awards ceremony- Herb Gayle collects his prize for the 35-39 age category victory (and also a 4th place overall finish).

Aaron Arndt, who broke his wrist and suffered a concussion in a crash 3 days before the Rolling Rampage, and Tatia Wallace, both did not have very good luck. The duo missed the start of the race- they jumped into the pack and sat in and did not have an effect on how the race took place.

The women's winner Chelsea Parry sits comfortably in the draft.

Morgan Williams leads through the start-finish area on the first of 7 laps.

Steve Robillard leads Camillo Echeverri, Jordan Belchos, myself, Aaron Arndt, Tatia Wallace, and Morgan Williams right after one of his many attacks on the back windy stretch of the race course.


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