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Outdoor Nationals, Day 2
   Olympic Training Center Colorado Springs, CO
   Friday, May 28, 2004

Brittany Bowe Sweeps Up Junior World Class Gold at the 2004 Outdoor National Championships
story image 1 Inliners taking the turn at the 2004 USA Roller Sports Outdoor National Championships at the Seven-Eleven Velodrome in Colorado Springs, Colo. Photo courtesy of Eyecon International
Kellie Habeeb
May 28, 2004

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. Brittany Bowe (Summerfield, Fla.) has swept the gold medals in the Junior World Class Ladies division at the 2004 Outdoor National Inline Speed Skating Championships in Colorado Springs, Colo.  Bowe, who has already secured a spot on World Team USA, has captured the gold medal in the 1000m, 10,000m points elimination, 500m sprint and set a national record in the 300m time trial with a time of 28.74.

Darren Kauffman (Waynesboro, Penn.) of the Junior World Class division took the gold medal in the 500m sprint with a time of 46.512.  Kauffman has garnered a total of three gold medals and one silver medal at the Outdoor National Championships.

Pan American and World Class Ladies Julie Glass (Olympia, Wash.) captured the gold in the 500m sprint with a time of 49.656.  Joshua Wood (Sacramento, Calif.) took the gold medal in the 500m with a time of 47.425 in the World Class Mens division.

Freshman and Masters divisions rolled out their first day of competition at the Outdoor National Championships.  Laura Del Rio (Miami, Fla.) has dominated in the Freshman Girls division, taking the gold in the 300m, 2000m and 500m.  Del Rio skated a 300m time trial of 29.746.  

The battle for the gold between Freshman Boys Dallas Hebert (Biloxi, Miss.) and Colin Thomas (Cypress, TX) rolled out to be close in every race.  Thomas skated a winning 300m time trial of 30.132, barely beating out Hebert, who skated a time of 30.156.  Hebert came back to take the gold in the 2000m points race and 500m sprint.  Thomas was close behind, garnering the silver in both races. 

Master Mens Jim Larson (Springfield, Ill.) skated a national record winning 300m time trial of 38.342.  Norman Kirby (Colorado Springs, Colo.) of the Master Mens division dominated in the 5000m points race with a national record time of 9:23.621.

The banked track championships will continue through Saturday, May 29, at the Seven-Eleven Velodrome, five blocks south of the Olympic Training Center in Memorial Park.  Rain date for track events is scheduled for Sunday, May 30.  The road competition will be held Monday, May 31 through Tuesday, June 1 at Pikes Peak International Raceway, located at 16650 Midway Ranch Road in Fountain, Colo.  Rain date for road events is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2.

The National Championships will display the fastest inline speed skaters in the nation as they compete for one of 16 spots on the 2004 Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) USA Senior World Team and eight spots on the USA Junior World Team.  Team USA will compete at the FIRS Junior and Senior World Inline Road and Track Speed Skating Championships from August 28 through September 11, 2004, in LAquila, Sulmona and Pescara Italy.

USA Roller Sports (USARS) is recognized by the Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as the National Governing Body for Competitive Roller Sports in the United States.  For more information, log on to or contact the Director of Media and Public Relations, Kellie Habeeb, at 402.483.7551 or via email at [email protected].

USARS is dedicated to creating, enhancing and conducting the best competitions and programs for roller sports. We instill the drive to win and be the absolute bestin sport and in life.

Seven-Eleven Velodrome, Colorado Springs, Colo.

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2004

Freshman Girls 300 Meter Time Trial
1. Laura Del Rio 29.746
2. Misha Averill 31.366
3. Briana Kramer 31.410
4. Kendra Rogers 31.574

Freshman Boys 300 Meter Time Trial
1. Colin Thomas 30.132
2. Dallas Hebert 30.156
3. Kevin Quandt 30.258
4. Keith Carroll 30.393

Master Ladies 300 Meter Time Trial
1. Shannon Valerio 32.063
2. Patricia Leazier 32.728
3. Jane Carey 36.086
4. Martha Krauser 37.028

Master Men 300 Meter Time Trial
1. Jim Larson 38.342 National Record
2. Jim Bourgeois 28.990
3. Michael Stieb 29.143
4. Desmond Kameka 29.669

Freshman Girls 2000 Meter Points
1. Laura Del Rio 17 pts.
2. Brianna Kramer 13 pts.
3. Tess Taylor 3 pts.
4. Kendra Rogers 2 pts.
5. Nastassia Hamor 1 pt.

Freshman Boys 2000 Meter Points
1. Dallas Hebert 13 pts.
2. Colin Thomas 11 pts.
3. Eric Emanuel 4 pts.
4. Michael Garcia 3 pts.
5. Keith Carroll 2 pts.
6. Bryan Kubota 2 pts.
7. Jake Powers 1 pt.

Master Ladies 5000 Meter Points
1. Shannon Valerio 33 pts.
2. Patricia Leazier 28 pts.
3. Jane Carey 17 pts.

Masters Men 5000 Meter Points
1. Norman Kirby 33 pts. 9:23.621 National Record
2. Jim Larson 26 pts.
3. Michael Stieb 18 pts.
4. Desmond Kameka 1 pt.

Freshman Girls 500 Meter
1. Laura Del Rio 54.615
2. Brianna Kramer
3. Misha Averill
4. Kendra Rogers

Freshman Boys 500 Meter
1. Dallas Hebert 51.249
2. Colin Thomas
3. Keith Carroll
4. Bryan Kubota

Junior World Class Ladies 500 Meter
1. Brittany Bowe 48.962
2. Heather Richardson
3. Amber Yarborough
4. Kelly Gunther

Junior World Class Men 500 Meter
1. Darren Kauffman 46.512
2. Sebastian Cano
3. Jonathan Gorman
4. Scott Tandoi

World Class Ladies 500 Meter
1. Julie Glass 49.656
2. Jessica Smith
3. Kimi Butler
4. Sara Sayasane

World Class Men 500 Meter
1. Josh Wood 47.425
2. Jordan Malone
3. Joey Mantia
4. Michael Cheek

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