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U. S. Banked Track Nationals
   Olympic Training Center Colorado Springs, CO
   Wednesday, May 26, 2004

HYPER Sets New Banked Track Record!

Story/Photos: Jim Larson-Hyper Racing

May 26, 2004: Weather conditions at the OTC Bank Track were pretty nice! 75 degreee weather and a little wind out of the West. But that little wind didn't stop Brittany Bowe for going out in a blaze of glory by breaking her own 300m bank track record and becoming the first member of the US Junior World Team. B-Bowe ran a smoking 28.744 to take the gold medal and 1 of 4 spots on the Junior Team.

Junior World Class Ladies 300m 29.003

1. Brittany Bowe- Hyper Racing *28.744 Record
2. Heather Richardson 29.566
3. Amber Yarborough 30.066
4. Stephanie Combs 30.499

Talk about blazing heat, the track was heating up getting ready for the Junior World Class Men. Sabastian Cano set the mark early with a time of 27.261. He went on to hold the other young guns off and take the gold and to a suprise take the first of 4 spots for the US Junior World Team.

Junior World Class Men 300m 26.946

1. Sabastian Cano 27.261
2. Darren Kauffman 27.930
3. Jono Gorman 28.045
4. Jared Paul 28.460

Senior Women took the track for their warm up just little while ago and the results are in for their 300m TT.

Sara Sayasane set the stage with her mark of 29.597 and was looking good to take a World Team Spot. Taking the game up a notch, Julie Glass and Jessica Smith ran the only two times faster. Julie no stranger to the 300m TT takes the gold and also 1 of 8 spots on the Senior World team.

Senior World Class Ladies 300m 28.675

1. Julie Glass 28.774
2. Jessica Smith 29.073
3. Sara Sayasane 29.597

Senior Men underway with their 300m TT event. Witht he mark of 26.379 set last year by Stephen Carter was looking to hang on for another year as William Bowen set out to capture it all by himself and just a bit short in his 300m TT ran a 26.993. Still came out smelling like a rose taking gold and earning his first Senior World Team spot! Way to go William!

Senior World Class Men 300m 26.379

1. William Bowen 26.993
2. Jordan Malone 27.137
3. Joey Mantia 27.197

Jr & Sr 1000m Heats, Semis, Finals
Jr & Sr 1000m events will commence after the 300m TT Awards.

The Heats are set and the results will be in soon!

Junior World Class Men 1000m Final 1.39.582

1. Darren Kauffman
2. Jono Gorman
3. Sabastian Cano
4. Jared Paul

Brittany Bowe came from behind passing Kelly Gunther in the last 20 meters to take the win in the 1000m final and her 2nd gold medal for the Bank Track Championships. Already securing a spot for the win in the 300m TT, Brittany Bowe looks to be in perfect form. Heather Richardson made it a close call on Jacqueline Blair for that 4th spot and adding 5 more points to her total.

Junior World Class Women 1000m Final 1.46.08

1. Brittany Bowe
2. Kelly Gunther
3. Mallory Pracale
4. Heather Richardson

Senior World Class Women 1000m 1.45.437

1. Julie Glass
2. Jessica Smith
3. Kimi Butler

Senior World Class Men 1000m 1.54.170

Senior Men looked to be playing cat and mouse games as the laps narrowed down to the final sprint. Michael Cheek took the lead passing Mike Sciana, when the clipping of skates caused Jordan Malone to take a tumble, and Joey Mantia passed up as Josh Wood hung on for 2nd with Adam Miller patiently waiting and taking that 3rd spot.

1. Joey Mantia
2. Josh Wood
3. Adam Miller

10K Points/Elimination Finals were completed this morning. Perfect day for racing as the Junior World Class Ladies took the track for their event. Brittany Bowe of Hyper Racing took total control of the entire race and out pointed the rest of the field and went on to capture a total of 58 points bettering that of Kelly Gunther with 37 and her 3rd consecutive gold medal. B-Bowe was on fire capturing point after point and even coming from as far back as 4th and 5th place to take the point away from the leader. Making it look so easy, Brittany is on her way in securing a spot on the US JUNIOR WORLD Team.

Junior World Class Ladies 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Brittany Bowe 58 pts.
2. Kelly Gunther 37 pts.
3. Mallory Pracale 31 pts.
4. Emily Scott 11 pts.

Next up were the Junior World Class Men. This race started out in a quick pace and race strategy was going to be needed for placement. At about the half way point, Darren Kauffman gapped the rest of the field and didn't look back. Kauffman seperated himself from the main pack by over a half lap, taking point after point. Sabastian Cano, winner of the the 300m TT took a fall early in the race and was eliminated early on, but he is ok. Darren left the rest to battle for the second place points as he captured his 2nd gold medal and making it easier to see the light for his spot on the US JUNIOR WORLD Team.

Junior World Class Men 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Darren Kauffman 67 pts.
2. Jono Gorman 26 pts.
3. Travis Smith 24 pts.
4. Jarrett Paul 7 pts.

Senior World Class Ladies got underway with their pts/elim Final. Controlling the front of the pack was Jilleanne Rookard, Kimi Butler trading off point leads. Jessica Smith jumping up front showing she is no stranger to this style of racing. Kristin St Nichols held strong right with the leaders to the end. Kimi Butler then went to the front and took what she needed for the points and Jilleanne went on to capture the gold medal and 30 points toward the overall SR World Team.

World Class Ladies 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Jilleanne Rookard 58 pts.
2. Kimi Butler 47 pts.
3. Jessica Smith 45 pts.
4. Erin DiJulio 1 pt.

Joey Mantia of Hyper Racing set out to put more points on the board with his victory in the 10k pt/elim final. Joey racked up a point total of 32 to better Chris Creveling also Junior Team Member last year. They showed everyone that the young guns aren't going anywhere. Joey waited patiently as he stole the race at will. KC Boutiette of Hyper Racing sat in the back and waited for his cue and attacked hard. He set out to do what he knows best and that is race hard. He captured a phenominal 15 points on that attack and he failed to give up there as he held on for 6 more points giving him a nice round total of 21.

Chris Creveling ended up edging out the Veteran from Hyper by one point giving Creveling 22 for the silver medal and 20 points toward his first year as Senior World Class. Adam Miller a veteran as well and definitely not a stranger to this event. He picked up a nice 14 points to just miss the bronze medal.

World Class Men 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Joey Mantia 32 pts.
2. Chris Creveling 22 pts.
3. KC Boutiette 21 pts.
4. Adam Miller 14 pts.


Hyper Racing Chalks Up 2 More GOLD.

B-BOWE and Kauffman Take # 3
report: Jim Larson

The championships took off this morning on another beautiful day in Colorado Springs at the OTC Bank Track.
Racing got underway with the Freshman Boys and Girls 300m TT.

Freshman Boys 300 TT

1. Colin Thomas
2. Dallas Hebert
3. Kevin Quandt

Hyper's Jim Larson set a new Track Record to take home his first Gold of the Championships. Chris Adams held the old record set in 2002 in a time of 28.617

Master Men 300 TT

1. Jim Larson *28.342 New Record
2. Jim Borgeios 28.990
3. Michael Stieb 29.143

Master Ladies 300 TT

1. Shannon Valerio
2. Patty Lazier
3. Jane Carey (Jane does not want her time posted...SORRY)

Brittany Bowe took her 3rd consecutive gold medal thus closing in on a perfect Championships and working on sweeping all the track events. With the 15,000m elimination event still to come B-Bowe is on her way to solid performance.
Bowe of Hyper Racing took control of the 500m final event by ovecoming Heather Richardson down the back stretch with 75 meters to go and rounding the last turn to the home stretch, it was Bowe, Richardson, Yarborough, and Gunther respectively.

Junior World Class Ladies 500m Final

1. Brittany Bowe 48.962
2. Heather Richardson
3. Amber Yarborough
4. Kelly Gunther

Darren Kauffman took total control over the entire Junior Men's field with his solid performance in the Junior Men 500m final. Kauffman of Empire Speed showed that he is going to Italy on the Junior World Class Team this year. He shot out to the lead on the back stretch over Jono Gorman and took the checkered flag and a winning time of 46.512 for his 3rd consecutive gold medal. Cano, winner of the 300TT and coming off a spill in the 10k pts/elim hung in there by passing Gorman for 2nd and adding even more to his point total.

Junior World Class Men 500m Final

1. Darren Kauffman 46.512
2. Sabstian Cano
3. Jono Gorman
4. Scott Tandoi

Exciting action in the Senior Ladies 500m final all happened within the last 50 meters. Julie Glass took the lead from the start and with 50 meters to go Jessica Smith shot down low on the last turn and went wide, Glass maintained her line and shot down under and it was an eagle hawk finish between Smith and Glass. Glass edged out Smith by less then a half a skate for the win. Kimi Butler held tight following Glass and Smith as she held on for 3rd.

Senior World Class Ladies 500m Final

1. Julie Glass 49.656
2. Jessica Smith
3. Kimi Butler

Team Mogema went directly to the front at the start of the Senior Men 500m final, Josh Wood, Jonathan Garcia and Jordan Malone looked as they would try to sweep the event. On the Bell Lap Hyper's Joey Mantia shot to the lead and with 75 meters to go, kaos broke loose, Mantia shot down and went wide as Josh Wood maintained his line and stayed up top and Malone follwed right behind his team mate for a 1-2 finish for Mogema/Labeda, Mantia raced to the line for the bronze medal.

Senior World Class Men 500m Final

1. Josh Wood 47.425
2. Jordan Malone
3. Joey Mantia

Master Men and Master Ladies 5k Points

Master Ladies 5k points was controlled by Shannon Valerio for most of the race, followed by Patty Laezier, and Jane Carey. Valerio taking most of the points early on dropped out of the lead and held on for the final few laps as Carey and Leazier fought for that silver medal. Leazier out lasted Carey and pulled a little gap to take the silver, with Carey taking the Bronze.

Master Ladies 5k Points Final

1. Shannon Valerio
2. Patty Leazier
3. Jane Carey

Master Men 5k Points shot off to a quick start, taking the hole shot was Jim Borgeios followed by Hyper's Jim Larson. On lap two, Norm Kirby and Michael Stieb took the outside line. on the first bell lap, Kirby took the lead with Larson on his heels. As they approached the line for the first points, Larson capitalized. Opening up a small gap on Stieb and the rest of the field, Kirby and Larson maintained their lead as Stieb bridged back up to them. with a 3 man break off the front. It was Stieb, Larson and Kirby taking the rest of the points away from the rest of the field. On the final bell lap it was Kirby putting a little distance between Larson and Stieb and Larson took advantage of Stieb winning the previous lap, passed Stieb for the final points and the silver medal.
(Kirby set a new race record in this event as well)

Master Men 5k Pts Final

1. Norm Kirby
2. Jim Larson
3. Michael Stieb

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