Printed: Monday, February 14, 2005
Hyper Palm Beach Challenge
   The Palace Skating Center & Brian Piccolo Park West Palm Beach, FL
   Monday, January 20, 2003

Hyper Race Team wins big in West Palm Beach!
By: Jim Larson
Photos by: Jon Elliott/ Jim Larson
*pictured on right - Hyper's Jim Larson fueling up for the Pro Master Men 10,000m road event.

HYPER RACING and The Palace Skating Center teamed up this past weekend for the 2003 Hyper Palm Beach Challenge Invitational. This event turned out to be very successful and ultimately exciting for everyone in attendance.

Temperatures outside were a little on the cool side, but inside the temp was hot. Skaters performing at top speeds blazing a trail on the track. Two new Grand Champions were crowned at this event. In the Womens Grand Champion event it was lined up in accordance to placements in their respective divisions. Up front, we had Heather Richardson of High Point, your Freshman girls division winner, and bringing up the rear was Heather Elliott of Hyper Racing your Pro Elite Womens third place winner. A 3000m contest to crown a Grand Champion, all 12 women racing for the same award, a beautiful $1,200 Diamond Ring.

A stacked field with pro teams like Hyper, Mogema, Bones, Verducci, and Riedell all racing towards one prize, winner take all. In this event there is NO second place, its for all the marbles.  Up front was Heather Richardson taking control early on with the veterans of inline racing trailing and making their plotted moves. Kimberly Derrick of Mogema, pulled her teammates through the pack while Heather Elliott of Hyper carefully made her way up towards the front with 10 laps to go. Heather Richardson took control and pressed the pace from then on, 9 laps to go, still going strong, 817 laps to go, still pushing hard. Heather Elliott still chased hard in second with Kimberly Derrick in the 3rd spot. With 4 laps to go, Kimberly Derrick made the pass on Heather Elliott for that second position and put the chase on to reel in Heather Richardson of High Point. At the 300m mark, Heather Richardson was pulling away from Kimberly Derrick and Heather Elliott, and began seriously pushing her way to take home that diamond ring. At the Bell lap it was no looking back for Richardson, she was definitely focused on diamonds and gold. She would cross the line in victory over an entire field by dominating the last 10 laps of a 3000m Grand Champions event.

The Grand Champions Mens field would compete for the same prize, a mens diamond ring. It would be a 5000m race for all the gold. The pace was fast as the top 3 sophomore, junior, senior and pro elite men made up the field. With about 1500m to go, the field was starting to thin as the pace picked up and skaters were getting lapped out. Joey Mantia of Team Florida took control of the lead and Steven Kulwalski of Verducci chased in the second position while Ryan Cox of Team Hyper held tight in the 3rd spot. Cox made his move into the second spot and gave chase on the young boy from Florida as the speed just kept getting faster. Kulwalski held on to the 3rd spot with about 4 laps to go. As Ryan Cox began to chase down Mantia, he suddenly slipped in corner two allowing Kulwalski to move into the second position. On the Bell lap, it was Mantia of Team Verducci rolling in to take home his first Grand Champions Race win.

Pro Elite Women Overall
1. Kimberly Derrick /Mogema
2. Cecilia Baena /Columbia-Hyper Racing
3. Heather Elliott /Hyper Racing

Pro Elite Men
1. Joey Mantia / Verducci National
2. Michael Cheeks / Team Bones
3. Ryan Cox / Hyper Racing

Pro Master Men
1. Jim Larson / Hyper Racing
2. Norm Kirby / Simmons Racing
3. Dave Weber / Emerald Coast Speed

Palm Beach Challenge 17Brain Piccolo Park

The racing took place at Brian Piccolo Park on the bank track under lights.
Temperatures in the mid 40s took to skaters bringing out the blankets and hot chocolate.
Racing got underway with the 200m-time trial for the Pro Men

200m TT Pro Men
1. Anthony Labello /Bones
2. Joey Mantia / Verducci National
3. Jorge Botero /Rollerblade International

200m TT Pro Women
1. Brittany Bowe / Verducci National
2. Cecilia Baena / Columbia-Hyper Racing
3. Heather Richardson / High Point

500m Pro Men
1. Jordan Malone / Rollerblade/Mogema
2. Terrence Allmond / Verducci National
3. Jorge Botero / Rollerbalde International

500m Pro Women
1. Cecilia Baena /Columbia Hyper Racing
2. Brittany Bowe /Verducci National
3. Heather Elliott /Hyper Racing

Last Women Out
1. Cecilia Baena /Columbia-Hyper Racing
2. Heather Elliott /Hyper Racing
3. Kimberly Derrick/ Mogema

Last Man Out
1. Joey Mantia /Verducci National
2. Ryan Cox / Hyper Racing
3. Jordan Malone / Rollerblade/Mogema

Master Men 500m
1. Rodney Green / Precision Inline
2. Jim Larson / Hyper Racing
3. Norm Kirby / Simmons Racing

Master Men 2000m
1. Rodney Green /Precision Inline
2. Jim Larson /Hyper Racing
3. Norm Kirby / Simmons Racing


This 1500m would be non-stop action for the Pro Elite Men, fast and furious! After the first lap, the speeds were picking up and positioning was going to be crucial. Coming out of the last turn and heading toward the finish in an all out field sprint, Jordan Malone charged hard with Mantia, Cox, and Jorge Botero following and hanging tough. It would be an all-out drag race to the finish line with Botero taking the win, Joey Mantia placing second and Jordan Malone held on for third.

1500m Pro Men
1. Jorge Botero /Rollerblade International
2. Joey Mantia /Verducci National
3. Jordan Malone /Rollerblade/Mogem

10k Pro Elite Men had no major break-a-ways, everyone watched every single move, Jordan Malone jumped out quick to gap the pack, only to be reeled back in by the entire field. Joey Mantia and Jorge Botero managed nicely to control the race. Hyper's Ryan Cox sat patiently waiting to make his move. On the Bell lap it would be Jorge, Jordan Malone, Joey Mantia and Ryan Cox exiting the last turn 250m to the finish. It would finish up....Mantia, Botero, and Malone edging out Cox for that 3rd spot and the money.

10,000m Pro Elite Men
1. Joey Mantia /Verducci National
2. Jordan Malone /Rollerblade/Mogema
3. Jorge Botero /Rollerblade International

Pro Elite Women started off quick with Cecilia Baena of Hyper Racing taking the lead and control early on...Hypers Heather Elliott held on to 2nd position. On the Bell lap pulling out of the last corner coming to the line it would be a sweep for the girls from Hyper taking the top two spots with Brittany Bowe of Verducci taking third respectively.

1500m Pro Elite Women
1. Cecilia Baena /Columbia-Hyper Racing
2. Heather Elliott / Hyper Racing
3. Brittany Bowe /Verducci National

10k Pro Women ....Only story here was, Cecilia Baena of Hyper Racing and Jillian Rookard of EC Beast went out on an early breakaway with Erin Dilulio giving chase a couple times. Brittany Bowe of Verducci tryed to bridge the gap with the rest of the field in tow. No luck! Baena and Rookard remained out front with a commanding lead while Heather Elliott sat in the main pack waiting for the field sprint. The laps grew shorter and the speed picked up for Baena and Rookard leading the way for a 1, 2, finish respectively. The field sprint was on for third... Coming to the line it would be Hypers Heather Elliott in that 3rd spot to give Hyper Racing the top two overall spots in the Pro Elite Women.

10,000m Pro Elite Women
1. Cecilia Baena /Columbia Hyper Racing
2. Jillian Rookard / EC Beast
3. Heather Elliott / Hyper Racing

The 1500m got underway with a small field of Master Men, but a stacked group of skaters at that. Rodney Green, Sam Johnson, Desmond Kamaeka, Jim Larson and Craig Garcia all geared up while Norm Kirby chose to sit this one out. Green took the early lead going into the first corner of the 3-lap race. On the final lap, Larson took the outside with less then 300m to go to the finish followed by Johnson. Going to the outside, Johnson got skates mixed up with Garcia and Larson and hit the deck! The final sprint to finish would be Green and Kameaka fighting for first and second.

1500m Pro Master Men
1. Rodney Green /Precision Inline
2. Desmond Kameaka/ Stardust
3. Craig Garcia/ Simmons Racing

10kthe temperature was warming up as the Pro Mater Men took the course for 12 laps. Desmond Kameaka took the early lead in hopes of taking the race to the rest of the field, but Craig Garcia put on an early break with Larson. Green and Kirby followed. A little over the half way mark, Norm Kirby jumped out to push the pace a little and every one just hung on in their positions. Green took over the lead and with two laps to go with Kirby, Kameaka, Larson and Garcia bringing up the rear. On the Bell lap going into a 500m sharp right hand turn, Larson of Hyper Racing turned up the heat and took the right hand turn straight to the rest of the field. With only 250m to the finish line Larson continued leading. Green and Kirby took to the outside passing Larson leading him to the line for a 1, 2, 3 Finish. Green, Kirby, Larson.

10,000m Pro Master Men
1. Rodney Green /Precision Inline
2. Norm Kirby /Simmons Racing
3. Jim Larson /Hyper Racing

Hyper's Cecila Baena and Heather Elliott take home one and two in the Pro Elite Womens 1500m Road event. Hyper's Ryan Cox maintains focus in the Pro Elite Men's 10,000m Road event.


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