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NYC 100K & Marathon
   Prospect Park New York City, NY
   Saturday, September 21, 2002

News Flash: Capital Racing's Jose Escobar finishes 5th overall in the NYC 100K Pro-Elite division; Louis Shuba takes 2nd in the 100K Advanced/Category 2 race; Mark Grabowicz places 9th in the Marathon.

The 100K in Brooklyn's Prospect Park is like no other race. You know exactly where the attacks are going to happen, but knowing hardly helps. Every time up the hill for 19 laps you can depend on Eddy Matzger, Jarmo Valtonen, Philipe Boulard, Jose Escobar or one of the other ironmen to attack and leave everyone behind them scrambling to close the gap. Many top pro skaters push themselves over the line so hard just to stay with the lead pack that they have to drop from the race in exhaustion. Three hours at 100% will break all but the strongest.

After the first 55K with eight laps to go a six man group, including Capital Racing's Jose Escobar, finally separated from the rest of the Pro-Elite pack. After four more laps and another 20K of intense racing Eddy Matzger and Phillipe Boulard opened a gap on the other four. The four man chase pack, which included last year's winner, kept the two leaders in sight but could not close the gap since Matzger and Boulard relentlessly pushed the pace and attacked each other until the finish line.

This is Jose Escobar's 2nd 100K and by far this was the hardest race he ever skated. He thinks he has the race figured out and is already planning for next year. Among other things he plans to NOT choose a big New York Strip steak for dinner the night before the race. Pasta, Jose, remember: pasta!

If you never have BONKED, Jose reports that it involves the twinkling of stars like you might see at twilight along with severe pain and the strong desire to lay down and rest. That's him in the photo above at the finish line.

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