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Port Richmond 5K
   Port Richmond Philadelphia, PA
   Wednesday, May 29, 2002

You know, the really great thing about the Port Richmond race is that you can always count on some sort of excitement on the course. Potholes, residents washing their cars (and soaping up the streets), people backing out of their driveways..... all the joys of racing in an urban residential part of north Philadelphia.

The other thing you can count on is for Matt to fall. Last year it was in Turn 1. This year, he made it to turn 2. He took it wide, and crashed into a barricade. On the plus sides, he was the talk of the lead pack after the race, and he didn't break any ribs this year.

Turn 1 was still quite exciting, since there were cars parked right up to the corner, on both sides, making for a tight turn into a narrow space. 

I was in the chase pack coming out of turn 3, when I saw Paul get dropped from the lead pack, maybe 300 meters in front of me. He was stuck in no-mans-land, and I had 5 or 6 skaters with me, who I really didn't trust to let him in.

I attacked hard, sailing past the rest of the pack, getting a 10 or 15 foot gap. I caught Paul, and cut right in front of him, immediately putting him in my draft, and forcing the other skaters to get behind him. 

The great part about training with CTS is that we recover fast. Within a few seconds, Paul was rested and ready to go. We continued the attack with two other skaters. By turn 5, it was just the four of us.

Climbing that small hill that lasts almost the entire last leg of the race, we continued to put distance on our chasers. 

Just before the last turn, I attacked. It didn't work, as the guy I was drafting was thinking the same thing, and got away from me. I was starting to fade, just as Paul got by me for the finish. We came in right on top of one another at 9:09, for 10th and 11th places.

Kimmy Fester set a new team women's record, doing a 5K in 10:09, dueling Nancy Frampton and Ashley Blose for the women's race. Third place in her first 5K is pretty amazing!! (Gotta work on that sprint, there, Kimmy ;-)


The Start

Me after being dropped from the lead pack

Johnny (LeBont) Howe in the lead

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