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FIC 2005
   Road Course Lille, FRA
   Sunday, May 08, 2005

The SAAB Salomon World Team leaves no room for others -
3 yellows came, and 3 yellows won!


The distance of this race was unusual in the skating world, the organizer of the �Roller Sud Go�lo� had planned 50 kilometers for this first part of the FIC 2005.   All of the international teams including the SAAB Salomon World Team were present and the course appeared very promising�

... and it was better than expected!! At first the pack stayed rather compact despite some shots at escapes. Little by little, after some of these attempts, and after a few uphill passages, this tightly knit pack dissolved leaving only about 30 skaters in the leading pack.  It�s at this precise moment, after about 1/3 of the race that Arnaud Gicquel (SAAB Salomon World) and Pascal Briand (SAAB Salomon World) left everyone else in the dust! The distance between these two skaters and the rest of the pack only got larger from there, soon reaching its height at 45 seconds ahead!!

Four laps before the end Pascal Briand had a slight technical problem with a loose wheel, which lessened the gap between the two skaters and the rest of the pack to only 20 seconds. Seeing his chance Mika�l Lannezval (Levallois Sporting Club) tried catching up with the leaders, but he did not realize that Franck Cardin (SAAB Salomon World) was right at his heels protecting his teammates.  The three yellows, alone at last at the lead, took all of the podiums. Briand receiving his first victory of the season with 38.5 km/h average speed, Cardin in second place and Gicquel in third; Lannezval arrived in fourth, fifty some seconds after the Saab Salomon trio.


1 � Pascal Briand (SAAB Salomon World):  50km in 1h17�14
2 � Franck Cardin (SAAB Salomon World): same time
3 � Arnaud Gicquel (SAAB Salomon World): same time


The capital of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in France celebrated the 10th annual Roller in Lille�metropolis this Sunday, May 8th, 2005.  It was the fourth edition of the race and most of the national teams and the Rollerblade and Saab Salomon international teams were present. 

The men�s marathon was a very energetic race animated by numerous attacks by the two international teams as well as by the Levallois Sporting Club, Roll�X and by Tristan Loy (SPA Locmin�).

Four laps before the finish line, the Colombian Jorge Botero started a brilliant attack, to which only four others responded:  Pascal Briand (SAAB Salomon World), Mika�l Lannezval (LSC), Julien Despaux (Team Roll�X) and Maxime Provost (Rollerblade France).  These five, succeeded in forming a lengthy break between them and the rest of the pack; interestingly enough, their respective team members imposed an impressive pace of the pack behind.

Another break � Frank Cardin (Saab Salomon World), Alexis Contin (Rollerblade World), Yann Guyader (Mariani WRC), Damien Cochet and Vincent Esnault (Rollerblade France). Unfortunately this group did not succeed at coordinating well with each other and fell to pieces.

The final sprint was launched by Pascal Briand at 1000 meters before the end in order to give himself enough space between him and Jorge Botero, his main adversary.  At the end, the Colombian succeeded at taking over the sprint and with it the first place of the podium.  Not even ten seconds after the top three, the pack, led by Arnaud Gicquel (SAAB Salomon World) rolled in.


1 � Jorge Botero (Col, Rollerblade World), 42km in 1h05
2 � Mika�l Lannezval (Fra, LSC), same time
3 � Pascal Briand (SAAB Salomon World), same time

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