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Ohio Speedskating Tour, Akron
   Rocky's Arena Tallmadge, OH
   Sunday, February 13, 2005

"Oldest continually running speedskating league in the U.S."
327 Earl Avenue
Washington Courthouse, Ohio


TALLMADGE, OHIO --  The pre-Valentine meet held at Rocky's Skating Center took place this weekend in Tallmadge, Ohio. Located in a suburb of Akron, the meet drew skaters from all the usual participating teams. The rink's immense floor and intermittent building support poles required some adaptation on the skater's part, and offered a considerable challenge. Additionally, the starting line was packed, some divisions having up to nine skaters battling for position before the first corner.

Sweat was flying in the day's intense races, as skaters jockeyed for position, some taking advantage of the extra wide floor and the opportunity for outside passing.

The Standard Senior Men title was once again claimed by Newark's Keith Ellsworth, with Gary Bowman of NEO coming in second, Mike Stratton of the Eliminators in third, and Will Sullivan hailing from Fast Forward in fourth.

Gary Bowman (Akron, Ohio) leads the top inline skaters in Ohio
(C) 2005, Shafeeq S., CMU

Inline skaters round a turn in the Rocky's Skating Arena located outside of Akron, Ohio
(C) 2005 Shafeeq S., Carnegie Mellon University

OHIO SPEEDSKATING TOUR                                                          
       Standings entering Cincinnati

1)  Marysville, Ohio ; 1595
2)  Newark, Ohio ; 1255
3)  Hermitage, Penn. ; 1065
4)  Cincinnati, Ohio ; 830
5)  Marion, Ohio ; 820
6)  Findlay, Ohio ; 615
7)  Elyria, Ohio; 500
8)  Michigan Thunder ; 275
9)  Akron, Ohio ; 230
10) Washington Courthouse, OH; 220
11) Philadelphia, PA; 185
12) Miami Univ/Oxford, OH ; 165
12) Detroit, MI; 165
12) Dayton, Ohio ; 165         
15) West Virginia ; 135
16) Pittsburgh, PA; 130
17) Mansfield, Ohio ; 120
18) Georgia ; 110
18) Springfield, IL; 110
20) Chicago, IL; 50
21) Austintown, Ohio; 5

About the Conference
The Ohio Speedskating Tour is one of the oldest speedskating leagues in the United States. Founded in 1944, the tour is a registered non-profit under the name of �Ohio Buckeye Speed League�. The Ohio Speedskating Tour is a registered program of U.S. Roller Sports, the national governing of competitive roller-skating in the United States recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee. In the vested interest of the State of Ohio, the Ohio Speedskating Tour (OST) is interested in developing in-line skating athletes to represent Ohio in the annual U.S. Regional and National Championships. The administration of the tour consists of an Executive Board that convenes annually to finalize a schedule, national regulations to implement, and other issues to further Ohio Speedskating.


Gravity overcomes a young inline speedskater racing in the Ohio Speedskating Tour
(C) 2005, Shafeeq S., Carnegie Mellon

Ohio has a rich tradition of roller skating racing for over sixty years
(C) 2005, Shafeeq S., CMU

An inline skating relay race
(C) 2005 Shafeeq S., CMU

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