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World Inline Cup Final
   City Circuit Berlin, GDR
   Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hyper Racing Wins the World Inline Cup Final!

Pictures and Story by: Rollerblade Race Team
The eighth Real Marathon of Berlin was the eighth and last stage of the World Inline Cup 2004. As usual, Berlin is the biggest rendezvous of the season, according to the mass participation: more than 8 000 skaters! No surprise in the women�s course: the large and flat avenues of the capital city of Germany provoked a massive sprint. Laura Lardani (Rollerblade World) took the right wheels and finished third behind Baena and Glass. In the men�s race, Roger Schneider (VW Sport-XX) chose another tactic: the world marathon recorder escaped in the last three kilometres, kept this advantage on the pack and took a similar win as in the European championships last year!

The start of the Real Marathon of Berlin was given quite early in the morning, at 10am. The ground remained a little bit wet because of the night, but the weather was perfect for this big final of the 2004 circuit of the World Inline Cup.

The men�s pack was very consequent and high levelled: every world class team, including Chad Hedrick (Powerslide) was there, such as national teams from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark or Sweden. This could have previously prevented from any escapee. But the flyers tried: Shane Dobbin (Rollerblade World) went for a while with Tristan Loy (VW Sport-XX) for example� No way: the peloton stayed compact!

Until the last three kilometres actually� Roger Schneider (VW Sport-XX) and Reto Felder (Athleticum Rollerblade) accelerated enough to skate few seconds in front of the pace. Behind, Pier Davide Romani and his team of Hyper Race chased. Not in vain because Felder was swallowed back in. But Schneider continued strongly. He crossed the line victoriously with 15 seconds on the trident of Fila International, Saggiorato, Presti and Zangarini. For the WIC general ranking, it�s Massimiliano Presti in gold, no surprise.

The women�s race was illustrated by a collective fall three kilometres to the end with Michaela Neuling (Rollerblade World) in, also Andrea Gonzalez (Roces International) and French Nathalie Barbotin (KIA Verducci) and Caroline Lagr�e (SAAB Salomon Switzerland). They almost reintegrated the pack before the end and the massive sprint.

The teams really started to move under the red flame. Ang�le Vaudan and Laura Lardani (Rollerblade World) were in the good move. 500 metres to the line, two lines fronted the road, with Theresa Cliff (KIA Verducci) and Ang�le on the left side and Julie Glass (Powerslide), Cecilia Baena (Hyper Race) and Laura on the right. Baena managed to pass Glass just like in Seoul and to take the win. Laura was following for the bronze, one place better than last year � she finished four.

Men�s ranking:

1 � Roger Schneider, 42km in 1h04�43
2 � Luca Saggiorato, +17s.
3 � Massimiliano Presti,
4 � Francesco Zangarini,
5 � Luca Presti, st
6 � Jorge Botero, st
7 � Chad Hedrik, st
8 � J Carlos Betancur, st
9 � Pascal Briand, st
10 � Diego Rosero, st

Women�s ranking:

1 � C�cilia Baena, 42km in 1h17�08
2 � Julie Glass, st
3 � Laura Lardani, st
4 � Jessica Smith, st
5 � Nicole Begg, st
6 � Laura Lombardo, st
7 - Theresa Cliff-Ryan, st
8 � Andrea Gonzalez, st,
9 � Ang�le Vaudan, st
10 � Hilde Goovaerts, st

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