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Long Beach Marathon
   City Streets Long Beach, CA
   Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hyper 100mm Technology Continues to Dominate!� Hyper�s Joey Mantia Wins the Long Beach Marathon

Hyper Young Gun Joey Mantia confirms his status as one of the fastest skaters in the world as he single handedly wins the Long Beach Marathon.

The Long Beach Marathon started at an early 6:45am in the morning. The Pro Men consisted of teams Hyper, Rollerblade, Mogema, Salt Creek Mortgage and K2 just to name a few. As the race began Hyper�s Joey Mantia cranked up the speeds as he led for the first 3 � 5 miles at speeds nearing 30mph. The entire pack was spread out single file as Mantia showed no mercy and continued to lead hard. Within the first few miles Rollerblade�s Shane Dobbin hit the deck and managed to re-group with the main field after a hard chase. As the race entered the main streets of Long Beach Mantia cranked up speeds once more as he attempted a few hard breakaways, forcing the Rollerblade team to chase each time. Shortly after, Eddy Matzger also attempted his own breakaway only to be contained after short chase by the main field.

As the race neared the 6-mile mark, skaters began to jockey for position in anticipation for the long final stretch to the finish. Team K2 was in the lead heading into the final few miles. Hyper�s Joey Mantia and Jon Elliott lined up in the 3rd and 4th position with the Rollerblade team right behind in 5th and 6th. Just when it looked like it would be a match sprint to the finish, Hyper�s Joey Mantia unleashed a devastating blast to the finish for the victory. Salt Creek Mortgage�s Dane Lewis managed to over take the entire field to steal second place while Rollerblade�s Wouter Hebbrecht and Shane Dobbin took a respective 3rd and 4th.

Pro Men Results:

1. Joey Mantia � Hyper
2. Dane Lewis � Salt Creek Mortgage/Hyper
3. Wouter Hebbrecht � Rollerblade/Hyper
4. Shane Dobbin � Rollerblade/Hyper
5. Adam Miller � Safe
6. Jordan Nelson � Bont
7. Chris Crevling � K2/Hyper
8. Jono Gorman � Indepent
9. Jon Elliott � Hyper
10. Josh Wood � Mogema/Labeda

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