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Motor City Madness Invitational
   Indoor Canton, MI
   Friday, November 26, 2004

Hyper's New Technology Wins in Senior & Master Men's Divisions in MICHIGAN.

Story: Jim Larson

The Motor City Madness, sponsored by Hyper Racing, took place in Canton Michigan over Thanksgiving weekend. Hyper Racing donated 84mm race wheels to the top winners in both Standard and the Junior Olympic divisions.

A Thanksgiving Celebration at the Skatin Station II in Canton Michigan saw the Frenchtown Connection of Chris and Pat Creveling take top honors in the Senior Men�s division. Chris went on to win both individual races and the overall title at the Motor City Madness on an all New Hyper Mach 2 - 100mm prototype wheel. Chris managed to skate through the corners as if he was on rails. Winning over his brother Pat must have felt good for the 2004 Junior World Teamer. I had the chance to ask Chris how he felt on the new wheels and all he had to say was one word, �Effortless�. Pat was able to pull off a 3rd place overall finish after a year off at his first invitational back in action. Mike Ratliff, now skating for the Rolling Warriors, placed an impressive 2nd. Todd FOley of Team United/Des Moines IA, skated his way into each of the finals also on 100mm wheels from Hyper. He also stated, "I like them alot, I get more out of the 100's than the 84's."

Compliments were given right and left on how excellent the floor was and how nice the rink was. Chuck and Susie Jackson, owners of the Skatin Station II were on hand and available for any questions or concerns during the meet.

As the action took place, more and more questions came up about the technology of the 90 & 100mm wheels. A few other skaters were testing the formulation of the big wheels, Hyper�s very own Jon Elliott and Jim Larson were on hand showing their products at the Hyper Booth, as well as giving it their best on the floor. Elliott competed in the Classic Men�s division, placing 4th in both races on the 100mm wheels set up. Jon stated he could go faster, just needs more time on the big wheels. Defending National Champion, Chris Taylor took both race wins with new comers into the Classic Men�s division Chuck Hendricks of SouthGate Speed and Kevin Shockley from the Michigan Wolverines placing 2nd and third respectively.

Jim Larson of Team Hyper and Capital City Racing in Springfield Illinois, competed with the young guns in Senior Men as well as with the Master Men on his 100mm wheel set up. Pulling a double duty, Larson was able to hang in there in his two Senior Heat races, but not advance on to the semi finals. Not to sell himself short, he was able to bring home a victory in the 500m and a 2nd place finish in the 1500m. Team mate Ron Dillow, skating on a new set up with the new 90mm Hyper Prototype wheels, pulled off a long race win over Larson to steal the overall title in the Master Men�s division and LR Cole placing 3rd overall.

The Master Ladies Division looked to be a hometown sweep with 6 Wolverine Ladies and a sole Capital City Racing�s own Denise Larson to break up the duo of the Sisters from Michigan, Denise and Susie. Denise Koziara taking the title, while sister Suzie settling for 2nd and team mate Traci Morrison in 3rd. Who wants to battle with a tribe of female Wolverines?

Another Female Wolverine stole the show skating the double duty as well, Kelly Gunther, last years Junior World teamer, took the spot light and winner of two sets of Hyper Wheels in both the Junior and Senior Ladies divisions. Look for Kelly to be a prime suspect for another spot on the World Team.

In the Junior Men�s division, it was Dazzling Darren Kauffman, turning up the heat early as he went on to outlast Rolling Warriors Kevin Pearsall and Soutgate�s Josh Frederickson.

Lots of excitement in the Motor City happened over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Those that couldn�t make it or chose not to attend sure missed some fine racing in a great facility. Hyper Racing and the Wolverine Speed club are seriously looking forward to this event next year, where the heat is even hotter and the racing is even faster!
See you all in 2005 at the 2nd Annual Motor City Madness at Skatin Staion II.

Fri. Nov. 26, 2004 Results - Standard

Tiny Tot Bays
1 Izer, Ethan Fast Forward Racing

Tiny Tot Girls
1 O'Neil Makayla Wolverine Speed
2 Yambor, Sherry Lynn GT Speed

Primary Boys
1 Broomhall, Kaleb Team Marysville
2 Koziara, Brendan Wolverine Speed
3 Koziara, Bradley Wolverine Speed

Primary Girls
1 Barker, Baylee Wolverine Speed
2 Leech, Mackenzie X-Treme Speed
3 Orr, LaTona High Point

Jevenile Boys
1 Smith, Isiahia Fast Forward Racing
2 Vaughn, Jarret Rolling Warriors
3 Ray, Rakim Fast Forward Racing

Juvenile Girls
1 Helman, Kelsey Fast Forward Racing
2 Rodriguez, Cheyenne Wolverine Speed
3 O'Neil, Darian Wolverine Speed

Elementary Boys
1 Leazier, Dylan Fast Forward Racing
2 Cingle, Aaron Rollerama Rockets
3 Jackson, Nathan Wolverine Speed

Elementary Girls
1 Taylor, Tess Fast Forward Racing
2 Fann, Mary Rolling Warriors
3 Hosler, Cortnee Team United

Freshman Boys
1 Shatzer, Andrew Fast Forward Racing
2 Castorina, Christopher Rolling Wariors
3 Goodman, Ryan Team United

Freshman Girls
1 Rogers, Kendra Fast Forward Racing
2 Chappell, Kalyea Fast Forward Racing
3 Wright, Kristen Rolling Warriors

Sophomore Men
1 Pearsall, Kevin Rolling Warriors
2 Carbaugh, Jared Fast Forward Racing
3 Wallace, Steven Rolling Warriors

Sophomore Ladies
1 Horning, Katelyn Rolling Warriors
2 Barker, Emily Wolverine Speed
3 Freeman, Sheena Team Marysville

Junior Men
1 Kauffman, Darren Frenchtown Speed
2 Pearsall, Kevin Rolling Warriors
3 Fredrickson, Josh Southgate Speed

Junior Ladies
1 Gunther, Kelly Wolverine Speed
2 Horning Katelyn Rolling Warriors
3 Wilson, Katie Rolling Warriors

Senior Men
1 Creveling, Christopher Frenchtown Speed
2 Ratliff, Michael Rolling Warriors
3 Creveling, Patrick Frenchtown Speed

Senior Ladies
1 Gunther, Kelly Wolverine Speed
2 Castner, Heather Frenchtown Speed
3 Scott, Alexandra Rolling Warriors

Classic Men
1 Taylor, Christopher Rolling Warriors
2 Hendrick, Charles Southgate Speed
3 Shockley, Kevin Wolverine Speed

Classic Ladies
1 Orr, Tammy High Point
2 Esterline, Lisa Team Velocity

Fri. Nov. 26, 2004 Results - Standard

Master Men
1 Dillow, Ron Capital City Racing
2 Larson, Jim Capital City Racing
3 Cole, L.R. Unattached

Master Ladies
1 Koziara, Denise Wolverine Speed
2 Jackson, Suzie Wolverine Speed
3 Morrison, Traci Wolverine Speed

Veteran Men

1 Cowell, Barry Frenchtown Speed
2 Barber, William Wolverine Speed
3 Heeley, Robert Elyria Force

Veteran Ladies
1 Constanza, Lynn Wolverine Speed

Grand Veteran Men
1 Emerling, Sandy Wolverine Speed
2 Chappell, Chip Fast Forward Racing

Fri. Nov. 26, 2004 Results - JO

JO Elementary Boys
1 Cingle, Aaron Rollerama Rockets
2 Jackson, Nathan Wolverine Speed
3 Izer, Hunter Fast Forward Racing
4 Vaughn, Dillon Rolling Warriors

JO Elementary Girls
1 Leech, Hailey X-Treme Speed
2 Steele, Britney Team United
3 Eastman, Meredith Team Marysville
4 Ward, Jackie X-Tream Speed

JO Freshman Boys
1 Goodman, Ryan Team United
2 Casey, Trevor Team United
3 Castorina, Christopher Rolling Warriors
4 Hubbert, Tyler Mt Morris

JO Freshman Girls
1 Mozingo, Mia Fast Forward Racing
2 Mozingo, Megan Fast Forward Racing
3 Dennis, Ravin Fast Forward Racing
4 Trevino, Anjelica Team Thunder

JP Sophomore Men
1 Wallace, Steven Rolling Warriors
2 Broomhall, Jordon Team Marysville
3 Hubbert, Corey Mt Morris
4 MaCeachen, John Unattached

JO Sophomore Ladies
1 Peche, Heather Rolling Warriors
2 Chambers, Carly Fast Forward Racing

JO Junior Men
1 Anselmi, Anthony Team Thunder
2 Haskett, Randy Findlay Heat
3 Purdy, Kyle Findlay Heat

JO Junior Ladies
1 Morrison, Christine Wolverine Speed
2 Snyder, Amanda Frenchtown Speed

JO Senior Men
1 Reeves, Daniel Wolverine Speed

JO Senior Ladies
1 Vetter, Jessica Skatetown Speed

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