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Swiss Inline Cup - Sempachersee
   Circuit Sempachersee, SWI
   Saturday, June 12, 2004

Fabien Rabeau Beats Presti in the Final Sprint Ahead of 4,900 Other Skaters
Two weeks after the Swiss Inline Cup Stage 2 (SIC) at Biel, the third stage on the famous course at Sempachersee was held. Fabien Rabeau (France) and Theresa Cliff (USA) took the top spots. Rabeau defeated the favored Italian Massimiliano Presti, currently #1 in world rankings. Nicolas Iten was the top Swiss, placing 6th. With 4,900 skaters the rolls equaled the record from 2003.

Theresa Cliff Leads KIA Verducci to Finish 1-2-3: Cliff - Barbotin - Smith
In the women�s race 26 year old world champion Theresa Cliff (KIA Verducci) showed her strength and improved her standings in the SIC and World Cup. Cliff pulled into 2nd overall in the World Cup behind Laura Lardani who placed 8th in today�s race at Sempachersee. Cliff had good support from her teammates as the KIA Verducci team took the top three spots with Nathalie Barbotin in 2nd and Jessica Smith in 3rd.

Speed Men (42 km)

  1. Fabien Rabeau (Fr) 59,40.83 2
  2. Massimiliano Presti (It)
  3. Kalon Dobbin (Nzl)

Speed Women (42 km)

  1. Theresa Cliff (USA) 1:14.04,42 2
  2. Nathalie Barbotin (Fr)
  3. Jessica Smith (USA)

Botero, Iten & Dobbin (l to r)

Top Swiss Finisher, Nicolas Iten, heads the pack at Sempachersee

Fabien Rabeau sprints for the win over Presti and Dobbin.

Pia Knecht, Nicole Begg, Nathalie Barbotin, Theresa Cliff (l to r)


Pia Knecht leads out the women's sprint with eventual winner Cliff just visible 4th from left.


Theresa Cliff says "#1" with Jessica Smith pouring it on to make it a sweep for KIA Verducci.


4,900 Skaters equaled last year's record attendance.


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