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Dan Burger Series #2
   Canada Road San Mateo, CA
   Sunday, May 23, 2004


Dan Christman, Dana Eads, Nastassia Hamor, Mechele Busby, Arica Armitage, Dennis Cummings

1. Eddy Matzger � Twincam 1:35:59
2. Dan Christman � TEAM SAFE 1:38:45.22
3. Grant Foster � 1:38:45.80
4. Louis Beaudoin � L.A. Speed 1:38:46
5. Dana Eads � TEAM SAFE 1:38:47
6. Kimon Papahadjopoulos � 14412
7. Sergei Lipovetsky � 1:46.14.49
8. Mechele Busby � TEAM SAFE 1:46:14.86
9. Nastassia Hamor � TEAM SAFE 1:46:16
10. Arica Armitage � TEAM SAFE 1:46:22
16. Dennis Cummings � TEAM SAFE 1:59.15

A bright, but chilly and windy day dawned at Canada Road in San Mateo for the second edition of the Dan Burger 50k Race Series May 23, 2004. TEAM SAFE�s Mechele Busby won the women�s field with a strong sprint, with teammates Nastassia Hamor and Arica Armitage rounding out the podium. On the men�s side, SAFE skaters Dan Christman and Dana Eads finished strong in 2nd and 5th positions.

After a respite in the first race of the DB Series a month ago, the course�s traditional nasty headwind was back, making the 3+ mile return to the finish line particularly painful.

In his first visit to the SF racing scene in years, Eddy Matzger showed up on the start line to support his former teammate, Dan Burger, and race organizer D Miles and his family, who were looking remarkably fresh despite three hectic days in Paris for a Discovery Channel Series.

The first hill was fast and furious, dropping all but five from the lead pack. Matzger raced with his traditional, flamboyant style of relentless attacks and long solo flyers, returning to the pack only to take off again. Beautifully led out by Dana Eads, SAFE skater Dan Christman won the field sprint.

The three women of TEAM SAFE had a great outing, working together most of the race with a terrrific sprint to the finish. Seasoned racer Busby executed a well-timed move that allowed her to ride Sergei Lipovetsky�s heels to gain shelter from the vicious wind, with Hamor and Armitage just steps behind.

With the race coming just before outdoor nationals, many of the usual heavy hitters were notably absent, and will try to make up for lost points July 11 at the next edition of the Series.

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ABOUT TEAM SAFE Team Safe is a professional inline skating team sponsored by SAFE Financial Corporation and Bont Skates. TEAM SAFE's 2004 roster includes Arica Armitage, Ricky Blas, Mechele Busby, Dan Christman, Critter Crittenden, Dennis Cummings, Dana Eads, Nastassia Hamor, Haley Galbraith, Paul Lomangino, Tom McCue, Kim Perkins, Aimee Sanderson, Paul Sargenti, Sara Sayasane, Donna Shelton, Brian Talley, Christine Vanhunnik, and Scott Wolf.

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