Friday, March 25, 2005
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Empire Skate Series #2: Orchard Beach Blast
   Orchard Beach New York, NY
   Saturday, May 15, 2004

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Team Junior Bont leads the Kid's 12 and under race. It was awesome wathching this race develop! These skaters were attacking and skating with super good technique.

The Master Men chilling together before their race. Dennis Humphrey (3rd from the left) took a spill in the final sprint. It was said that his skates just lifted off the ground and he slammed down on the road on his behind.

The Advanced Women's 10k was a good race to watch. The pack remained tight for virtually the entire race.

Doug Fessenden was all over the place. He did a wonderful job organizing the race. He was also treated to some well deserved wonderful weather.

Mr. Belchos and Mrs. Belchos drove down on Friday and beat Jason and I to New York by about 1 hour. The brough their 3 children to the race. Their son, 14 year old up-and-coming Jordan Belchos skated really well in the Pro Men's race, staying all the way until the final sprint!

Everybody was very happy to see Remi Chait make an appearance at the race. He had a bad crash in early April in the World Inline Cup Grand Prix race in Seoul, Korea.

The Pro Master Men mid-way through their race show everyone what they can do. The race ended up in a big field sprint, which was taken by Jim Bourgeois.

The start of the Pro Men's race: Jordan Belchos and I are right in the middle.

The Pro Women's race was hot with action. Chelsea Creveling is leading the pace.

The Pro Men's pack was tight and filled with action.

K2/ Empire's Bret Whitman leads teammate Eddie Wilcox. Wilcox filed to finish the race because he was involved in a nasty 5-skater pile-up which saw Canadian Marc Griffin break his arm and 5 skaters go down. CanarIam's John Ristine made an incredible leap over the pile of bodies and managed to avoid crashing! (photo courtesy Mike Belchos)

Herb Gayle takes the win in the Pro Master Men's sprint (photo courtesy Barbara Coleman)

Ahh, to just chill out after the races...and wait for the awards! For some, it's about getting the medal. For others, it's about sitting there with friends on a gorgeous day in the Bronx, right by the beach.

These guys earned it. Beleive you me. The Pro Master Men in all their glory!

The Pro Women, looking like the champions that they are!

And here are the Pro Men...looking good, like they should.

I had to put this picture of Jason Smith, one of my super good friends (who I stole when my girl friend of 5 years and I broke up..the girl and I are still friend though!). We were chilling on the roof-top of Robert Mcdermott's place in Brooklyn, right by the Brooklyn Bridge. From there, we had a panoramic view of the city.

Jay and Robert were all business as we prepared to go to Manhattan and check out a few clubs/ bars for our usual post-race outing.

What in the world is this indecipherable message?? No wonder I have at least $500 in parking tickets in New York City (please note that most of those came a couple of years ago).


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