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WIC Basel Photo Essay
   City Circuit Basel, SWI
   Sunday, May 02, 2004

The start of a Pro race: no easy rolling start here until everyones legs get warm.  Photo: Coni Altherr


Eventual Winner Max Presti (center) seems to have his eye on the finish line already.  Photo: Daniel Wagner


The Pro Women Start.  Photo: Daniel Wagner


Photo: Coni Altherr


A calmer, but no less intense moment in the Pro Men's race.  Photo: Coni Altherr


The top group of the women races from the mill mountain down to the Rhine. Speeds reached up to 80 km/hr (48 mph). Ghizlane Samir (21st rank) leads the pack.  Photo: Coni Altherr


Photo: Coni Altherr


The sprint after 31 kilometers. The Italian Massimiliano Presti (right) develops his overall WIC lead with this victory in Basel. Second in Basel: Luca Saggiorato (Ita, 3rd from right), third: Columbian Diego Rosero (2nd from right).   Photo: Daniel Wagner


The Sprint after 31 kilometers. Ang�le Vaudan (left) wins just ahead of world champion Theresa Cliff (right) and Jessica Smith (in green behind Cliff).  Photo: Coni Altherr


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