Friday, March 25, 2005
46 Skaters Online
Disney Marathon
   Disney World Orlando, FL
   Sunday, May 02, 2004

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Pro Men
1- Joey Mantia
2- KC Boutiette
3- Dane Lewis

Pro Women
1- Cecilia Baena
2- Kelly Gunther
3- Heather Elliott

Pro Master Men
1- Chris Adams
2- Norman Kirby
3- Patrick Naylor

Pro Master Women
1- Kim Perkins
2- Debbie Rice
3- Connie Strub

Quebec boys: Bont's Steve Robillard, Benoit Joubert, and I.

Keri Chard, Chelsea Parry, and Lindsay Chard before the race.

You could feel the tension mount before the race: The pro men were a very focused and serious group. There were many laughs though during the race. Skaters seemed to take the falls quite humerously, prodding and laughing at each other when skaters would go down (this happenned quite often, especially during the boardwalk part of the race course, which saw 12 skaters go down in one pile-up). During the serious times though during the race, skaters put their serious faces on and stuck to racing fast, hard, and technically.

The Advanced Maratho skaters on their first lap (photo courtesy Mike Belchos). In the Orange and Blue of the Toronto Inline Skating Club are Jordan Belchos (5th)and Dean Arndt (8th).

The pro men's pack.

The pro men's pack (again).

Joey Mantia collects his win over Dane Lewis (right), KC Boutillette (2nd from the right) and Bret Whitman (5th from the right). The race was decided in a pack sprint which saw the 2 lap race develop with a slow first lap, and a very fast and physical final 3 miles, a lot of which was led out by Ohio's Randy Bowman (photo courtesy Mike Belchos).

K2/ Empire Speed's Brett Whitman and Mogema USA's Terrence Allmond.

The women's winner Cecilia Baena after the race.

Yep, that's me. I  bough 4 bags of oranges, and my kindergarten students got to eat a bunch of them! Mmmmm.

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