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WIC Seoul
   In the City Seoul, S. Korea
   Sunday, April 11, 2004

HYPER Wins in Seoul, Korea Cecilia Baena Claims the Fastest Woman Title! 

April 11, 2004 Seoul, Korea Matteo Ambalini, Roces team skater, wins the Pro-Mens marathon on Hyperformance +Grip race wheels. Cecilia Baena, Hyper Race Team Skater, smokes the competition as she single handedly overpowers the Pro-Womens field.

The Pro Mens race started at 9:am sharp! During the first 5K of the race the top pro race teams in the world (Hyper, Salomon, Rollerblade, Fila, Roces, etc.) played cat & mouse with each other trying to figure out each others game plan. Salomons Franck Cardin launched the first major attack of the race, but was quickly reeled in by Bonts Jorge Botero. At about the half way point a break away group of about ten skaters that included Mikael Lannezval (Hyper), Pascal Briand (Salomon), Jorge Botero (Bont) and Pier Davide Romani (Hyper) managed to slip away from the main field by about twenty seconds. Shortly after a hairpin turn that marked the 7K-point, the Korean police pointed the top ten skaters in the wrong direction. During this mislead three skater managed to launch an attack to break away from the field by about 500meters. A World Cup official then slowed the main field to allow the original ten leading skaters to regroup with pack.

The three leaders, Matteo Amabilli (Roces), Mattheau Grandgirard (Fila) & Whang (Korea), were allowed to continue, stretching their advantage on the main pack. As the break away group of three neared the finish Roces skater Matteao Amabilli put the pedal to the metal as he out sprinted his competition for the World Cup win. The main field sprint ended with Filas Massimiliano Presti overtaking the field for fourth place.

The Pro-Womens race was run pretty smooth. The worlds fastest women were present to do battle for the first major race for 2004. The field included Cecilia Baena, Julie Glass, Jessica Smith, Theresa Cliff, Natalie Barbotin and numerous other champions. Early on Verduccis Theresa Cliff and Jessica Smith attempted a few break aways only to be reeled in by the main field. The pack remained together for the remainder of the race. As the womens field rounded the final right turn to the finish Powerslide's Julie Glass initiated the sprint. In the final two hundred meters Hypers Cecilia Baena kicked it into overdrive as she blew by the leaders to steal the World Cup victory with Julie Glass and Natalie Barbotin taking second and third respectively.



1st Cecilia Baena Hyper Race Team
2nd Julie Glass Powerslide
3rd Natalie Barbotin Verducci

1st Matteo Amabilli - Roces
2nd Mattheau Grandgirard - Fila
3rd Whang Korea
4th Massimiliano Presti - Fila
5th Pascal Briand Salamon
6th Zangarini - Fila
7th Baptiste Grandgirand - Fila
8th Jorge Botero Bont
9th Chad Hedrick Powerslide
10 Diego Rosero Hyper Race Team

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