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Texas Road Rash Marathon
   Round Rock Austin, TX
   Sunday, March 28, 2004


2004 Texas Road Rash
Inline Skating
Marathon and 16 K


Texas Road Rash Marathon on March 28th was a good time. Held on a 51/4-mile loop in the Austin suburb of Round Rock, The event offered 10 -mile and 26.2-mile races, and rec, advanced, pro and pro master categories (Course Map). Amongst the teams represented were Austin Inline, Bont, Dimon, Hill Country Speed, Mogema, PyroApparel, Simmons, Team Texas and Team Safe.

The setting was swell for competitors and spectators, with a long view of the uphill finishing stretch and subsequent rolling half mile or so.  The spectators could witness the progression of their team as the race progressed as well from this viewpoint. A balloon arch over the scorekeeping wires was a nice touch. The race announcer was able to identify groups and individuals pretty well and gave good commentary. Awards were presented in a park pavilion nearby, overlooking a lake, and were prompt and accurate.

Only drawback was the weather. Race day was the only one in the weeks forecast with a chance of rain, and sure enough a light mist made the first two laps really slippery. The wind was also a force to recon with but helped to dry the course by lap 3.

The total field of about a hundred all started together with pros given the front ranks. The crosswind along the top of the loop and treacherous footing up the finish climb reduced the front group to fifteen or so within a lap. Second lap nothing much happened; it was too slick to attack. But then things dried up, and action started, and the pace went up to a respectable 21mph avg.

Randy Bowman from team PyroApparel was the main animator, reducing the front group to a dozen and fracturing it several times but never quite blowing it apart. The gradual descent into the wind on the backstretch tended to bring things back together, and it was there that Canadas Bob Tysen (Dimon Sports) regained contact after two laps chasing by himself and cursing the rain. It wasnt long before he sensed the building fatigue in the group and went away alone on the flat crosswind stretch ant the bottom of the course with a lap-plus remaining. Teammate Dennis Humphrey, always strong, looked at the others and smiled. So bowman went back to the front, and chased and chased 21 year old after a pro master veteran.  The group hung on for dear life behind Randy Bowmans pull, and after a long mile, Tysen was caught.

With on lap left and everybody obviously cooked, it looked to end in a sprint. There sas ome feinting, a lot of zig-zagging. Nobody wanted to be stuck in the front long, and all keyed Bowman. Seeing that his Pro Master teammate Alan Marcosson of team PyroApparel jumped away with a mile left.

Alan Marcosson breaking away
Photo by Holly Moore

The hesitant reaction caused a strung- out chase that ended with half a mile to the line, all up hill. At great sacrifice this aided his teammate by burning out his competitors while Randy Boman could set up for the win.  Hands on knees time- Craig Garcia (Simmons) went with a quarter mile left, swerved and pulled up, then it was bust-ass for the balloons! The rising road left little for tactics, and the line it was Boman of PyroApparel, Garcia and Chrisler.


Randy Boman sprinting to finish 
Photo by Holly Moore


Kim Perkins ( team Safe) took the ladies pro event.


Kim Perkins in front 
Photo by Holly Moore

All in all a fine debut of this event!

Top 5 Pro finishers were:

Pro Results Men          Age    Time   MPH
    1    RANDY BOWMAN          21     1:23:28  18.5  
    2    JONATHAN GARCIA       17     1:23:29  18.5     
    3    RYAN CHRISLER         30     1:23:30  18.5      
    4    CARLOS PENAGOS        28     1:23:31  18.5      
    5    GENE BRYMER           33     1:23:42  18.4  
Pro Master Results Men   Age    Time   MPH
    1    DENNIS HUMPHREY       48     1:23:31  18.5      
    2    CRAIG GARCIA          36     1:23:34  18.5        
    3    DANA EADS             44     1:23:44  18.4        
    4    ALAN MARCOSSON        53     1:23:44  18.4    
    5    ROBERT TYSEN          48     1:23:45  18.4        
Pro Results Women        Age    Time   MPH


    1    KIM PERKINS           37     1:27:09  17.7
    2    TIFFANY ALBRECHT      31     1:32:09  16.7     
Pro Master Results Women Age    Time
    1    BRENDA HARRIS         43    5 1:32:21  16.7      
    2    PATRICIA RAYBURN      44    5 1:38:59  15.6                  
    3    DEBRA SMOTRILLA       45    5 1:48:38  14.2      

For complete results


Alan Marcosson,
Marian Stanko, Randy Boman and Miguel Jordan     


by Miguel A Jordan, M.D.


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