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Roller Sports Canada Indoor Championships
   The Forum Cambridge, On
   Saturday, April 03, 2004

The Roller Sports Canada Indoor Championships took place on April 3rd and April 4th 2004. The races took place at the Forum Roller Rink and Cambridge, Ontario. The floor conditions were very good which allowed for many passes and exciting racing. This was one of the bigger indoor championships in recent memory to take place. Many national records were broken in the shorter races. The longer races had a tendency to be much more strategic than anything else. The organization and running of the event was right on target and participation spanned the landscape from Alberta all the way through to Quebec.


Click here for Report with results and links to all photo galleries for day 1, day 2, and day 3


Aaron Arndt pushed his Senior 2-Mixed partner, Tatia Wallace during official practice on Friday.

Coach Porter, Coach/ Skater Doucet, Dean 'The Mean Bean' Arndt, and Coach Tyler at the official practice on Friday.

Young skaters from Alberta and Ontario unite in the friendly atmosphere of these championships.

Chelsea Parry, Jade Pauley, and Jesse Pauley seem in a good mood on Day 1 of the racing action.

The Calgary Rollercade Inline Speed Team came out in much stronger numbers that in years past. Here they are on Day 1.

Camilo Echeverri and Leonardo Echeverri look in good form while leading Jade Pauley during a Day 1 warm-up.

Herb 'The Herbinator' Gayle shows us how stretching is done while preparing for a day 1 race.

The sophomore men on the line for a day 1 race. Left to right are Jason Fischer, Dean Arndt, and Jordan Belchos.

The grand master men prepare for their first race of the meet on day 1. Left to right (skaters and refs) are Bruce Desmond, Mike Yakey, Chelsea Parry, Beth Clarke, Paul Robbins, and Dave Taras.

The senior men at the start of the 3000 meter race.

Yeppers, that's me leading Leonardo Echeverri, Aaron Arndt, and Camilo Echeverri with about 7 laps to go in the 3000 meter race on day 1.

Aaron Arndt is all focus here during the 3000 meter race with Leonardo Echeverri and Benoit Joubert following closely.

Sigrid Ziegler helps Bruce Desmond- Bruce had his shirt stuck on his head.

Jacquie Raetsen and Benoit Joubert seemed a little 'friendly' here. Oh yaa, they've been going out for years...oops.

Ahh, the refs. We became bitter enemies during the relays. Seriously, they did a wonderful job officiating the races. Left to right are David Matthews, Beth Clarke, Jim Mallard, Wayne Burrett, Lenny Porter, Harry Wallace, and John Fischer.

Skaters from Quebec left their mark in the standings. Here are a few of the VAR club skaters.

Jade Pauley atop the podium along with Jeff Burnside and Maxence Drais.

Some of the crowd during the day 1 awards presentation. Lots of noise was being made!

Herb Gayle tops the podium along with Kevin St-Aubin and Dale Richardson in the master men's category for the day 1 races.

The grand master men after their relay race...with me in front of them. Left to right are Dave Taras, Bruce Desmond, Herb Gayle, Lenny Porter, John Fischer, Dan Burnside, Dale Richardson, and Mike Yakey- as well as me laying on the ground.

Team concept: Scooter's Indoor Speed Club- Who's better?? Nobody!

Master men 2 person relay podium from day 2. Left to right are Dave Taras, Bruce Desmond, Herb Gayle, Lenny Porter, Dale Richardson, Mike Yakey, and Chelsea Parry (leaning on the wall).

Senior 2-person women's relay: left to right- Annette Hollman, Marianne Dyck, Lindsay Chard, and Tatia Wallace share the podium.

Sophomore 2-mixed relays podium- left to right- Jason Fischer, Tasha Burnside, Dean Arndt, Chelsea Parry, Jordan Belchos, Keri Chard

Senior 4-man podium- left to right: Phillip Loundsbury, Dale Richardson, Mike Yakey, Austin Giles, Peter Doucet, Benoit Joubert, Leonardo Echeverri,. Aaron Arndt (and Chelsea Parry on the wall)

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