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Ohio Speedskating Tour, Cincinnati
   Skatetown Arena Cincinnati, OH
   Sunday, March 28, 2004

"Oldest continually running speedskating league in the U.S."
327 Earl Avenue
Washington Courthouse, Ohio


An official stop on the Ohio Speedskating Tour, the Miami University In-line Skating Tournament boasted some of the finest spectator and athlete experiences in the Queen City in Southwestern Ohio.  Home of the RedHawks of Miami of Ohio, there were over 170 athletes with more than 300 people flocking to the brand new Skatetown Arena facility for a taste of the future. 

The Ohio Speedskating Tour is a non-profit organization conducting speedskating (in-line skating) races in the State of Ohio as well as a registered long-standing league of U.S. Roller Sports.

7 Senior Men teams jockey in Cincinnat, Ohio  (C) E. Popp

Marion Rockets (Columbus, Ohio) are Miami Tourney Champs
Accepting on behalf of the Marion, Ohio Rockets (Speedskating team) was Bob Kuta given by Robert Penrod, president of the Ohio Speedskating Tour. The Rockets although currently sitting on the bottom half of the 2004 OST point standings made an amazing jump with great performances at Miami's Skatetown Arena.

Mariana Huerta (Miami University) won for the Women's team followed by Akron's Emily Popp

The Rockets will take back the 2004 Miami Tournament Champs flag to hang high in the rafters of their home rink in Marion, Ohio. Congratulations to the Marion Rockets.

Newark, Ohio (Speedskating team) and Northeast Ohio (NEO) rounded out the top 3 in overall high point standings in Cincinnati.

The Skatetown Arena is a brand new state of the art facility featuring both regulation hockey and speedskating oval
(C) E. Popp

OHIO SPEEDSKATING TOUR                                                            
       Standings as of 4/1/04 entering Columbus (Newark)

                        S  N  P                                                                                
MARYSVILLE    ( 1  1  3035)                                                               
NEWARK         ( 2  4   2020)                                                               
NORTHEAST    ( 3  2   1570)                                                                
ELIMINATORS ( 5  3    1165)                                                                
WOLVERINES ( 4  9  680)
REDHAWKS    ( 6  8    575)  
REDNEX         ( 10  5    515)                                                                 
ROCKETS      (8 6  460)  
FORCE          ( 9  7    405)
OLYMPIC        ( 7  14    320)                                                                
VIPERS         ( 14  10   155)                                                                 
HEAT             ( 18  11 110)
EXTREME     (13  13 110 )
GLADIATORS(17  12    75)
MIDLAND       ( 11  18  70 )     
WARRIOR      ( 12  16  65)
WISCONSIN  (15  15  60  )
CHICAGO     (16  17  30  )


Ohio, U.S. and Olympic flags fly high in the rafters at Skatetown Arena
(C) Skatetown Arena


S:  Standard classification relative to the other teams (ie. 5th of 15 teams)
N:  Novice classification relative to the other teams
P:  Total points accululated by that team in Standard and Novice classes                                    

After making it out of the grueling heats and semi-finals, Hyper's Larson (Chicago, Illinois) competes in the Ohio 1500m final
(C) E. Popp

ROCKETS - Marion Rockets (Marion, Ohio)
MARYSVILLE - Team Marysville (Marysville, Ohio)
OLYMPIC - Olympic Racing Team (Sharon, Pennsylvania)
REDNEX - Rolling Rednex (Bridgeport, West Virginia)
NORTHEAST - Northeastern Ohio Speedskating (Akron, Ohio)
REDHAWKS - Miami University RedHawks (Oxford, Ohio)
ELIMINATORS - Ohio Eliminators (Washington Crthse, Ohio)
FORCE- Elyria Force (Elyria, Ohio)
GLADIATORS - Mansfield Gladiators (Mansfield, Ohio)
VIPERS - Salem Vipers (Salem, Ohio)
NEWARK - Newark Speedskating Team (Newark, Ohio)
HEAT - Findlay Heat (Findlay, Ohio)
WARRIORS - Speed Warriors (Toledo, Ohio)
WOLVERINES - Michigan Wolverines (Roseville, Michigan)
MIDLAND - Midland Speedskating Team (Midland, Michigan)
WISCONSIN - Team Wisconsin (Watertown, Wisconsin)
EXTREME- Extreme Wheels Speedskating (Crystal Lakes, IL)
CHICAGO - Capital City Speedskating (Chicago, IL)


Travis Smith (Columbus, Ohio) leads MU's Hediger in the Junior Mens final
(C) E. Popp

Famous Jim Larson (Chicago, Illinois) with Bill Lewis in the Hyper Booth at the Miami Tournament. 
(C) E. Popp

Younger speedskaters test their skills on the regulation speedskating oval in Cincinnati
(C) Skatetown Arena 

Robert Penrod, president of the Ohio tour is in his 3rd year of tenure with the OST
(C) The Ohio Speedskating Tour



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