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Verducci Challenge
   indoor Bensalem, PA
   Sunday, February 29, 2004

Verducci Challenge Results

Pro Men:

  1. Michael Cheeks
  2. Jeremy Anderson
  3. Terence Allmond
  4. Jono Gorman
  5. Stephen Carter

Michael Cheeks skated tremendously well, the best I thought, he ever skated. He is fast. Pro men had a exceptional group of Men skating, besides the placements, Joey Mantia, Josh Woods, Kevin Gehman, William Bowen, Jimmy Blair, Jesse Blair, Chad Rigsby, and Chad Horne were some of the other finalists.

With a group of elite skaters like this, you know there was a lot of great skating going on. To say a rerun was ran to help Verducci was unfair. All the skaters were doing a lot of bumping and rubbing. It's a part of racing. I also heard some of the Pro men talking to each other after their races saying sorry about this and that and they didn't seem to have a problem with each other so why make comments . What happens in a race should stay in a race. If you didn't skate in Pro men than you have no idea what went on, no matter what it looks like.


Pro Women:
  1. Mandi Howard
  2. Brittany Bowe
  3. Amber Yarborough
  4. Jillian Rookard
  5. Mallory Pracale

Pro Women were also exciting to watch. With other skaters like Sara Sayasene, Heather Richardson, Liz Drenkhahn, and Kristen St Nichols in the finals it was awesome to watch.

Senior Men:

  1. Barry Drenkhahn, Wolverines
  2. Juan Gomez, UTV
  3. Keith Ellsworth, Newark Speed
Senior Ladies:
  1. Jacqueline Blair, Precision
  2. Ashley McCloud, High Point
  3. Heather Castner, Frenchtown

Junior Men:

  1. Michael Chambers, SOS
  2. Kendall Brooks, Rolling Warriors
  3. Larry Mains, Piedmont
Junior Ladies:
  1. Jacqueline Blair, Precision
  2. Ashleigh Sexton, Piedmont
  3. Kim Moriell, Skatetown

Sophomore Men:

  1. Juan Flores, Olympic
  2. Corey Gaham, High Point
  3. Justin Foster, SOS
Sophomore Ladies:
  1. Samantha Carr, Frenchtown
  2. Annie Peck, Frenchtown
  3. Kristen Gatz, Triad

Freshman Boys:

  1. Jarred Carbough, Fast Forward
  2. Keith Carroll, SOS
  3. Greg Gorman, GT Speed
Freshman Girls:
  1. Brianna Krammer, Team Florida
  2. Miriah Richardson, Piedmont
  3. Sheena Freeman, Team Marysville

Elementary Boys:

  1. Dallas Hebert, GT Speed
  2. Rush McCormick, UTV
  3. Andrew Shatzer, Fast Forward
Elementary Girls:
  1. Alex Harris, UTV
  2. Tess Taylor, Fast Forward
  3. Sarah Benjamin, Rolling Warriors

Juvenile Boys:

  1. Jordan Dooley, Rolling Warriors
  2. Devon Bowker, LC Speed
  3. Dillon Martin, GT Speed
Juvenile Girls:
  1. Domenico Mejia-Clavio, Rolling Warriors
  2. Harmony Yabor, Team Marysville
  3. Mary Fann, Rolling Warriors

Primary Boys:

  1. Isiaha Smith, Fast Forward
  2. Michael Taylor, GT Speed
  3. Joey Rodgers, Hampton Roads
Primary Girls:
  1. Kelsey Helman, Fast Forward
  2. Kirsten Helman, Fast Forward
  3. Arastina Barry, SOS

Classic Men:

  1. Richard Nance, Piedmont
  2. John Howe, LC Speed
  3. John Ristine, SOS
Classic Women:
  1. Liza Goldberg, Fast forward

Master Men:

  1. Jim Larson, Capitol City
  2. Jim Bourgeois, LC Speed
  3. Jeff Foster, SOS
Master Ladies:
  1. Susan Pollock, Hampton Roads
  2. Robin Nance, Piedmont
  3. Jane Carey, LC Speed

Veteran Men:

  1. Kevin Larson, LC Speed
  2. Buggy Allmond, LC Speed
  3. Barry Cowell, Frenchtown
Veteran Ladies:
  1. Barb Failer, LC Speed
  2. Ann Killeen, SOS
  3. Vickie Brooks, Rolling Warriors

Grand Master Men:

  1. Harry Morgan, Youngs
  2. Clinton Carson, Midland Rockets
  3. Chip Chappell, RISK
Grand Master Women:
  1. Donna Sheldon

Donna Sheldon may have been the only Gran Vet, but she sure was running some fast times.

J O Results

JO Tiny Tot Boys
1 Dane Laser CDI Racing
2 Aaron Swanson Hampton Roads
3 Dalton Browne SoS
JO Tiny Tot Girls
1 Sara Miller Youngs
2 Nicole Bowker LC Speed
3 Elizabeth Simmers Fast Forward
JO Primary Boys
1 Isiaha Smith Fast Forward
2 Joey Rogers Hampton Roads
3 Rakem Ray Fast Forward
JO Primary Girls
1 Kirstan Helman Fast Forward
2 Alyssa Taylor Rolling Warriors
3 Morgan Remp SOS
JO Juvenile Boys
1 Dillon Martin GT Speed
2 Tyler Ross SOS
3 Aaron Cingle Team Marysville
JO Juvenile Girls
1 Melissa Perry SCST
2 Kimberly Goetz Frenchtown
3 Taylor Ferguson Fast Forward
JO Elementary Boys
1 Kevin Carroll SOS
2 Alex McKenzie SOS
3 Adam Bode Team Florida
JO Elementary Girls
1 Sophie Webb Team florida
2 Samantha Goetz Frenchtown
3 Lorna Hutton SOS
JO Freshman Boys
1 Michael Helman Fast Forward
2 Aaron Dabbs Piedmont
3 Ryan Latorre Youngs
JO Freshman Girls
1 Taylor Laydon Piedmont
2 Kendra Rogers Fast Forward
3 Courtney Blias GT Speed
JO Sophmore Men
1 Jonathan Spivey Ultimate
2 Tyler Riccardi Olympic
3 Clint Bullock Ultimate
JO Sophmore Ladies
1 Katie Wilson Rolling Warriors
2 Ashley Mann Ultimate
3 Carly Chambers Fast Forward
JO Junior Men
1 Terry Swanson Hampton Roads
2 Brandon McCaskill Ultimate
3 Jason Hallenbeck Frenchtown
JO Junior Ladies
1 Brittany Durham Piedmont
2 Brandi Brown Piedmont
3 Robin Grove Fast Forward
JO Senior men
1 Adrian MacAdo Piedmont
2 Devin Green Newark Speed
3 Dave Cohen Sonics
JO Senior Ladies
1 Brandi Brown Piedmont
2 Cheryl Harbison LC Speed
3 Emily Popp Northeast Ohio
JO Master Men
1 Jerry Steele Piedmont
2 Mark Waiter SOS
3 Scott Noonan SOS
JO Master Ladies
1 Helena Pantozz Sonics
2 Vicki Brooks Rolling Warriors
3 Ann Myers LC Speed


Many Thanks!

I want to thank all the teams who supported this meet. Without each and every one of you guys, it wouldn't worked. THANK YOU!

Thanks to all the vendors, you make it pleasing for all the buyers and gave them a great assortment. Thanks to our rink owner for all his help, THANKS LOU, and thanks to all the skaters and parents who help before, during and after the meet.

With so many teams there it was exciting. Thanks to all the officials who did a tremendous job, one of the hardest jobs is making the calls. I thought our officials did a great job. Thanks Sherry for all your hard work. If I forgot some one, sorry, but thanks. Thanks to Kim and Stacey in checkin, Donna for tabulating, our place judges, Lisa for chief place judging, Maggie for Announcing and whoever for whatever.

- Mary Allmond

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