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Hyper Shines at Worlds
   World Championships Barquisimeto, VEN
   Thursday, November 20, 2003

Hyper Skaters Race to Gold at the 2003 World Speed Skating Championships

Hypers Joey Mantia leads the Hyper crusade as he racks
up ten Jr. World titles out of twelve possible races

World Championships 2003, November 2nd through 9th

The first day of competition at the World Championships was a true test of wills as every skater questioned the given track conditions in Venezuela. Skaters were frantically searching for the best wheel combination. During the hot days it seemed to be much more slippery than the evenings. Hypers Joey Mantia looked to the Hyper R&D; lab for his answer. Mantia, sporting a mix of Bank Robbers and Hypers specially formulated track wheel designed for the Barquisimeto track, got off to an incredible start as he destroyed his Junior competition by running gold medal time of 28:101. Hypers Brittany Bowe (also, using the same wheel combo) earned her first Jr. World Title as she ran a blazing 300-meter time of 29.621, which was incredibly faster than even the fastest senior women. Brittany would go on to more success winning silver and bronze medals in the 1000-meter pack race and Track Relay event

Hypers Colombian connection, Cecilia Baena, skating the Jr. division, also had great success at this years World Championships. Cecilia won a total of seven gold, one silver and two bronze medals during this years World Championships. Cecilias 15K elimination race was probably one of the most bizarre finishes during the event. During the race Cecilias teammate, Kelly Martinez, was clearly working for Cecilia for the overall win. Within the final two laps it looked as though Kelly would lead Cecilia until the final lap and then pull over for second. With one lap remaining, Cecilia thought she was going to the lead for the win. Just as she took the lead, Kelly Martinez came on the outside to challenge Cecilia for the gold medal. At the line it was Martinez by a wheel as she out-hawked Baena for first place. Cecilia Baena took the silver medal in total shock.

Hypers Kimi Butler also got her chance to shine. Kimi was chosen to skate the Sr. Womens Points/Elimination race with teammate and Jessica Smith. As the race got under way Kimi strategically worked for Jessica Smith to gain valuable points during the race. An unfortunate entanglement and fall took Jessica Smith out of the race. Kimi was left alone to do the work and obtain as many of the remaining points towards an overall placement. In an impressive performance, Kimi Butler was like Rocky Balboa as she consistently grabbed points and took the race to her competition, forcing them to chase her for the remainder of the race. By the end of the race Butler had incredibly fought back for an impressive silver medal placement.

The 300-meter win simply set the tone for Mantia as he would go on to win another nine gold and two silver medals. After the track competition, the buzz going around the was how Mantia compared to 50-time World Champion Chad Hedrick. When asked how he thought he stacked up against the former champ a humble Joey Mantia replied, Wow, I am just honored people consider me the same caliber as Chad.

*All Skaters Mentioned above achieved their World Placements using the following equipment: Hyper Circuit Pro Boots Nitrous Frames BSB Swiss Bearings- Hyper Bank Robbers and Specially formulated Barquisimeto track wheels.

Hyper Team Results:

Brittany Bowe: 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Cecilia Baena: 7 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
Kimi Butler: 1 Silver
Joey Mantia: 10 Gold, 2 Silver

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