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Worlds- Jordan Malone Reports
   Venezuela Barquisimeto, VE
   Thursday, November 20, 2003

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by Jordan Malone

The 2003 FIRS World Chapionships, the most prized race of the year. Senior men, where everything is on the line every time you step out on to the track, you always have to be on top of your game. Come see what goes in the racers head, read it all in the first person...

The venue great, the town beautiful, and the people wonderful. This was the 2003 World Championships, 7 days of intense racing for the most prized title in Inline Racing, World medals, and jerseys. When the US showed up we found out that we were about the last ones to do so. Most of the teams had been there long before us (New Zealand had been there for over a month) and were already putting the final touches on their decisions for wheels, etc. The US had to hurry and struggled finding the right combinations and learning the track before the actual racing began.

The US team was very unified in all decisions. Using each other in our decision for wheels and track conditions both. We spent a great amount of time trying out everything we could get our hands on to put to the test on this chameleon of a track. It truly had a mind of its own and changed like the wind seemingly to throw a loop in everyones plans at the last moment several times at the competition.

Although, the track was extremely difficult and we all had a hard time figuring it out, the racing was great. There were hearts broken and legends made in every race. In senior with the competition fairly even in the top ranks, many titles were up for grabs. The city was wonderful. There were guards everywhere but even though there was intense security the feeling of safety was high. I personally never felt any threat or need for security the entire trip, but maybe thats why the security was there. Steve did maybe, but thats another story and in respect to him I will leave the whole thing alone. The event was overall very professional; guards, translators, guides, everyone there to help out and make it all an easy experience for the foreigners. The US was able to have lots of fun despite the restrictive rules that kept us from going anywhere without a guard.

After the track portion was over and done with there was a lot of relief felt by all on the day off. Most everyone slept in and had a lazy day. I went with a few people shopping at the mall. Everything there was so cheap it was great. I bought tons of clothes, but other than shopping we just spent the time resting and recuperating for the road racing the next day.

On the first day of road the set up was a little unplanned. Instead of having the tents on site and near the road set up, they were still left in the velodrome area and skaters were expected to sit far from the track and then prepare long before the race to be on the road in time. Instead all racers went ahead to the road and sat under the trees in large groups until the tents were moved. The mornings were extremely hot and everyone if in the sun for any amount of time at all came home that day bright red. Everyone was drained in day and spent most of the break period after AM racing just resting from the harsh heat. But the PM racing on the road was great. The road was incredibly fast and many records were set and broken. Most of the conversation and concentration for the skaters was on the last turn. The road being so fast threw all the skaters into this turn at amazing speeds. Most had a hard time at the beginning copping with the turns. The Americans in this department had the advantage in the first few days. The night racing on the road was also intense, still continued to provide upsets. The US surprisingly had a greater showing on the road then the track, which hasnt been precedence in the past. In all my thoughts of the racing this year was wonderful. It was kind of an awkward period because of the changes in rank for the new and upcoming stars fighting for respect and world status. Though new stars were able to come up and fight for new titles, the veterans were also able to recapture their old titles and maintain greatness. 

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