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Ohio Skating Tour Opener
   Salem Skating Center Salem, OH
   Sunday, November 09, 2003

Ohio Speedskating Tour
USARS Sanctioned Ohio Championships

SALEM, Ohio -- The first stage of the Ohio tour took place this weekend with some new faces, new teams, and a tight racing track.  New to the tour, the Rolling Rednex of West Virginia, Gladiators of Mansfield, Ohio, and Miami University of Oxford, Ohio made their debuts.  The track was plastic coated lightly however neck and neck racing made spills and thrills exciting and common. 

Newark Speedskating Team represented well in the more prestigious divisions sporting their new uniform.  Miami University owned the Senior mens and ladies category taking four to the finals to represent the Redhawks.  The podium was shining of Red and White all day long.  Olympic Speed and Marysville performed well in all divisions pulling several upsets. 

In All-Ohio Senior mens action, the crowd favorite Keith Ellsworth of Newark Speedskating held off Shawn Hediger of Miami University to win the Ohio All-State title.  Newark held 3 of the top 5 in All-Ohio with Miami taking the remining two spots on the podium

Complete results will be available on the Ohio tour website including official OST pictures.  Several "amatuer" pictures are shown below.

OST Webmaster shows off his MU Spirit                                         Future All-Ohio Champions in training

Redhawks, Newark, and Olympic qualify for the Senior All-Ohio Final                       Red and White across the line in the Senior eliminations

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