Tuesday, February 08, 2005
30 Skaters Online
Caravan Series #8
   Baysox Stadium Bowie, MD
   Saturday, September 27, 2003

Empire's Kauffman Beats Verducci's Carter in Eaglehawk Finish
 - Advances in Overall Series Standings

Just twelve men and one young woman made it on a perfect day for racing at the Caravan Series race #8.  If you are from the northeast/midatlantic and you weren't at A2A you should have been here.  Local racing can't survive if you don't show up to compete.

JR Gets the Party Started

One of the many flyers by Team Canariam

Darren Kauffman shadowed Stephen Carter for much of the race


You do have to keep an eye on him, Carter moves fast


Jose Escobar kept the pace high by pulling half the race


Herb Harbison and Juan Gomez talking things over


Jose Escobar makes the break right before the bell lap


Yep, this is it! Time to get going...


Herb Harbison, John Ristine, Wynter Barresi, Franscisco Ramirez, Juan Gomez
Team Canariam



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