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Oasis Festival de la Sant
   Road Montreal, QC
   Sunday, September 14, 2003

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The 2003 Oasis Festival de la Sant was contested under wet conditions. The water could not dampen the festivities that took place, although it did affect how the race happenned. From the start at the top of the famed Jacques Cartier bridge, a group of 4 montreal skaters took advantage of their knowledge of the first downhill and took off while those unfamiliar with the winding wet turn opted at breaking and standing up. By the time the downhill was over, the foursome was out of sight and all the other skaters were strung out and took a long time to regroup and form a cohesive group. Steve Robillard ended up outworking fellow short-track speedskaters Olivier Jean and Travis Jaynor for the win.

Olivier Jean leads Travis Jaynor and Steve Robillard.

The womwn's race saw Beth Clarke dominate over her competition. She was able to skate away from Martine Charboneau in the later parts of the race to take a well earned win. Coming in 3rd was Ottawa's Pascale Messier. Interesting to note that Beth Clarke fell twice in the race, taking out Martine Charboneau in one of her falls! Tatia Wallace, skating for the new Mogema-Toronto team came in 4th place.

Pascale Messier, Beth Clarke, and Martine Charboneau on the podium.

The word of the day was 'crash'. Many skaters had difficulty staying on their feet because the race course was very slick and rough which made for multiple falls for quite a few skaters. Neverthelss, there were not too many injuries. Three skaters, including Bob Tysen, Dennis Humphrey, and myself ended up competing in both the Northshore Inline Marathon and the Oasis Festival de la Sant. I ended up coming in 5th place overall, just edging out Mathieu Turcotte and Dennis Humphrey.

Travis Jaynor, Olivier Jean, and Steve Robillard on the podium/ stage.

The Oasis Festival de la Sant used the chip timing system, an upgrade from the years past when results were hard to come by for this event. With over 80 skaters in attendance and about 70 skaters finishing, this is a growth from the previous years. The event was well supported by the cyclists, skaters, wheel chair athletes, runners, and walkers. There was a V.I.P. tent waiting at the line for the top finishers which included hot food and free alcohol and other drinks.

From right to left are myself, Steve Robillard, Olivier Jean (middle), Mathieu Giroux, Travis Jaynor, and Mathieu Turcotte.

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