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Caravan Series #6 & #7
   Trade Zone Park Bowie, MD
   Saturday, August 23, 2003

Stage 7, August 23rd
Juan Gomez takes his Second Win of the Season; Ashley Camper takes her Fourth in the Women's Division
With many of our local skaters and all the usual out-of-towners headed to the Empire/Chris Thater weekend races, our 20K race had light attendance and a relaxed attitude among the competitors.  The main event saw the entire field, men and women, together in one pack for every lap.  Rodney Grabinski and Juan Gomez made two short breaks during the race, once on lap 4 that was quickly caught by the pack, and the final break on the last hill of the bell lap.
Juan took first in a downhill sprint, with Rodney following in second and Kent Baake of Capital Racing taking 3rd.  Ashley Camper used a similar tactic on the final downhill and took first place over a very strong distance skater, Lisa Harrison of WOWSkate.  Lisa probably pulled the pack as much or more than any of the other skaters there today.
The next Caravan Race is September 27 at Baysox Stadium.  Be there!
Official overall standings of the Caravan Series are now posted at: http://www.capitalracing.com/CRS2003.htm#standings



Stage 6, August 9th
by Francisco Ramirez, Canariam

After stage 5 (see report),  the sprinters took it on their own hands to make sure no one could say that they don't like to lead, Canariam's Francisco Ramirez, Juan Gomez and Herb Harbison Jr. along with  Empire's Juan Naula and David Morales pushed the pace from the start. Empire's Juan Naula try to get away from the lead pack being chased by Francisco Ramirez, but they wouldn't go far.
After numerous attempts Canariam's Herb Harbison and Empire's David Morales took off leaving their teammates to slow down the pack, Capital's Jose Escobar was trying to give chase but his efforts didn't pay off. The rest of the placements were decided in a field sprint, having Canariam's Juan Gomez winning it for third.

pro men top 5 places were :

1. David Morales - Empire Speed
2. Herb Harbison Jr. - Canariam
3. Juan Gomez - Canariam
4. Darren Kauffman - Empire Speed
5. Francisco Ramirez-Canariam

pro women top 3 places were:

1. Ashley Camper-Capital Racing
2.Wynter Barresi- Canariam
3. Carole Olinger- Canariam

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