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World Championships Downhill
   Austria Ubersaxen, AU
   Friday, July 04, 2003

From the 4. July to 6. July the 4th Inlinedownhill World championships took place in bersaxen/ Vorarlberg (Austria). The race was in the hometown of Daniel Ladurner and Dominik Dobler, from the mogema Downhill Team. They live about 15 minutes away from bersaxen, so there was a lot pressure on them to win.

On Friday afternoon there was the first training on a wet track. But at the last training run the road was dry and the riders could drive faster. On Saturday, the race day, it should rain in the morning and be better in the afternoon so the weather-news in the radio and newspapers. In the evening the weather was better for the opening ceremony with about 70 riders.

When I woke up in the morning and looked out of my window it was raining and cold. So the training runs in the morning were on a wet road again. But before the first Qualifying run the rain stopped. I had the number one so I had to drive on a wet road and after me the road began to dry. In the first Qualifying run I took the 7th rank and Doinik the 1st rank.
In the 2nd Qualifying run all riders had a dry road. I didnt risk all so I only got the 3rd rank with one second behind Domink who got again the fastest time. Second was Benoit Gamba with only some Hunderstel behind Dominik and there was also Oscar Galliazzo, the Vize-Worldchampion of 2002, who had good chances to win and he also didnt risk everything in the Qualifying. Other riders who had good chances for the Worldtitle are Luc Lenoir, Stefano Galliazzo, Innocente Franco, Laffargue Sebastien and there were also some new young guys, like Alexandre Zweili from Suisse or Kadaoui Nordine from France, who I have never seen before on a Downhill race. Only the best 40 riders were Qualified to the World championship.

At 4 oclock in the afternoon the World championship run started. In Inlinedownhill there is only one run which counts. The fastest riders from the Qualifying started at the end. Oscar Galliazzo was the 36th starter and his time was 2:01.59 which was about one second faster than the best Qualifying time!! Then I was in the starting gates. I pushed out very fast and went down in an aerodynamic position. There were two difficult turns on the track. One in the middle of bersaxen, where the riders reach about 90 km/h and there you have to break down on about 45 km/h. Before the finish line there was the last turn. I risk all in this turn and had a little mistake but I pushed hard out of the turn and went with burning muscles over the finish line. And then I heard it from the race-moderator: BEST TIME, in 2:01.26!!! YEEESSS, know I have to wait for the last two riders. At the top were the two fastest riders from the Qualifying. The first rider was Benoit Gamba, but his time was only 2:02.60. After him Dominik started, but with 2:02.30 he couldnt reach my time and I could defeat my World champion title and this in my hometown. It was the same results like in Belluno, the 3rd World championships.

Gold     Daniel Ladurner
Silver   Oscar Galliazzo
Bronze Dominik Dobler

Dominik and I raced on the new mogema M55 84 road racing frame and on Team Labeda Series 84mm Wheels.

After the World championships there was the 4-riders-heat race, where 4 riders start together and the fastest two come in the next round.
In the final were Daniel Ladurner, Oscar Galliazzo, Dominik Dobler and Benoit Gamba. It was until the last corner a very close and exiting race but in the last corner I made a mistake when I brake so I came into the way of Dominik. Benoit Gamba could past us inside and Oscar was about one wheel before me over the finish line.

The results:
1. Benoit Gamba
2. Oscar Galliazzo
3. Daniel Ladurner
4. Dominik Dobler

But the mogema Downhill Team will strike back. The next chance we have this weekend at the IGSA World Championships (4 riders start together) in Kaunertal (Austria).

On Sunday afternoon there was the Inline Slalom with Kippstangen in bersaxen. The course had 45 gates and some difficult passagen.
There were two runs and the best run counts. At the first run I took the best time in 32.69 seconds (on the new M55 84 road racing series) but Philipp Dobler (with the mogema M55 80 frame), the Brother of Dominik, came very near in 32.77 seconds.
So it was an exiting final run and I wanted to beat my best time but I had a little mistake and I past the finish line at 32.71 seconds. But Philipp couldnt beat my best time and so it was my second victory in one weekend.

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