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Caravan Series #5
   Trade Zone Park Bowie, MD
   Saturday, July 26, 2003

Sprinters' Winning Strategy: Never Lead Wait for the Sprint

If the pack is several sprinters against one pace skater the strategy for the sprinters is simple and effective.  Avoid pulling the pack, save your legs, wait for the final sprint and let loose with all you have.  If you are not a sprinter and want to win by making a break and maintaining a gap till the finish line you have to use surprise, a superior breakaway sprint, a devastating hill attack or shear overwhelming pace to leave the sprinters behind.

Today's 20K, the fifth race of the 2003 Caravan series, saw the sprinters in superior numbers and thus rule the day.  Still fresh and ready to go one week after indoor nationals we had Will Bowen, Aaron Warr (Reidel), Darren Kaufman (Empire), Juan Gomez, Francisco Ramirez, John Ristine and Herb Harbison (all 4 skating for Canariam) matched against local Capital Racing skater Jose Escobar.  In the women's field Capital Racing's Ashley Camper and new teammate Sky McCormick were the sprinters working against local distance specialist Lisa Harrison of WOWSkate.

In the men's race the sprinters used their strategy effectively to launch one of their own against Capital Racing's Escobar who had been pulling and setting the pace for the majority of the race against 6 sprinters.  In the women's race WOWSkate's Harrison was pushing the pace with little help from Camper and McCormick, and the sprinters strategy worked just as effectively for the ladies too.  The course is a little too flat to overcome the sprinters patience and teamwork if they watch carefully for any break attempt and work against a lone skater to prevent their escape.

Unofficial overall standings in the Caravan Race Series 2003 are posted here:

 Men's Advanced/Cat 1

  1. Herb Harbison (35m52s)
  2. Juan Gomez
  3. Aaron Warr
  4. Jose Escobar
  5. Franscisco Ramirez
  6. Darren Kaufman
  7. John Ristine
 Women's Advanced/Cat 1
  1. Ashley Camper
  2. Skylar McCormick
  3. Lisa Harrison
  4. Karla Kramer
  5. Barb Failer 
  6. Barb Fox
  7. Monique Mansoura







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