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Caravan Series #4
   Trade Zone Park Bowie, MD
   Saturday, July 12, 2003

Capital Racing's Jose Escobar Smashes the Field

WOWSkate goes 1-2-3 in Women's Race

The 4th race of the 2003 Caravan series saw a new location Trade Zone Park in Bowie, Maryland.  The racers had a course with broad streets, good pavement, rolling hills and a beautiful sky.  Race promoter Don Giese of Caravan Skate Shop surprised the men's winner Jose Escobar with a special award.  Verducci had contributed a new pair of boots to the awards pool, but the coupon was expiring and this was the last day it could be given out.  Thanks to Don of Caravan and all the sponsors for the races.  The next race is a 20k on this same course on July 26, 2003.  Click here for details on the next race. Be there!

The Race

After the kid's race and the fitness/recreational divisions completed their races (see podium shots below), the elite/advanced 20K started about 11 am  perfect for out-of-towners and late sleepers!  Capital Racing team members Anthony Lee and Jose Escobar took control at the front from the beginning.  On the 2nd lap of 10 Jose made his break while Anthony held the pack just long enough for a good gap to be made.  Only one skater decided to bridge at this early stage of the race.  Herb Harbison put his sprint on and quickly closed the gap.  Escobar and Harbison skated off the front and extended their lead to over a minute on the rest of the pack.  Escobar made sure Harbison was sharing the work out front and maintaining the pace until Herb let out a grunt at the end of a upwind leg and Jose made the final break.  Jose then finished the next 4 laps solo for the victory.  Harbison finished a clean 2nd over the pack.

The rest of the placments were much more in question until the final sprint.  Rodney Grabinski used the final downhill to let out his well maintained reserves and get a good enough gap for 3rd.  Then 4th, 5th and 6th were a photo finish.  See the photo!







Podium Pictures:

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