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Caravan Series #3
   Baysox Stadium Bowie, MD
   Saturday, June 28, 2003

Sprinters Rule the Day, Gomez Takes the Victory

In the third race of the Caravan Race Series 2003 we finally had a perfect day for racing after enduring 3 months of seemingly endless rainy weather.  Even so, the attendance at the race was very low due to the Philadelphia Inline Cup being held the same morning.  We had none of the usual skaters from New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, and half the DC area skaters had gone north for the Philly Skate Jam Weekend and the races there.  The next Caravan race will be held rain or shine on July 12th.  This will be 20K race on a different, nearby course not at the Baysox stadium.  We want to see you there.

The main contenders and forces for the men's category 1 race were two sprinters Darren Kaufman (Empire) and Juan Gomez (Rolling Warriors), and one distance man Jose Escobar (Capital Racing).  The sprinters played the race well refusing to take the lead, attempt a break or do anything except stay near the front and wait.  Escobar did not have enough to drop the two opponents with pace during the race so the end strategy was easy to see coming.

Escobar tries to push the pace.

Entering the bell lap Juan Gomez was in position before a narrow turn and he made the decisive final break.  Darren Kaufman was positioned well to try to jump on but not well enough and Gomez had caught everyone off guard by the early move with more than a full lap to go.  Gomez quickly got the gap he needed which he extended on the bell lap to take the victory.  Kaufman took second, Rodney Grabinski (Caravan) was third and Escobar finished fourth.

Juan makes his jump.

Juan Gomez makes his break!


In the women's race only 3 competitors were at the starting line.  It was just a matter of pace and no other strategy played a part in the finish.  Ashley Camper (Capital Racing) took the win, Elena Sarycheva (sp?) (WOWSkate) took second and Diane Koher (Capital Racing) took third place.

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