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Roller Sports Ontario Track Race Series #3
   Grande Riviere 400 meter track Aylmer, Quebec
   Saturday, June 14, 2003

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The 2003 Roller Sports Ontario Track Race Series #3 took place in Aylmer, Quebec, on the Grande Riviere 400 meter track- a short drive from Ottawa, Ontario. Rainy conditions almost stopped the race from taking place, but with safety not being compromised, the racing started in the rain and the track quickly dried up mid-way through the 1500 meter time trials. Skaters from Montreal Elite, Ottawa Urban Inline Skating Club, Toronto Inline, and Buffalo took place in the 3rd stage of the series. Despite the series being relatively small so far, the series ranking system and ability level based races are working very smoothly. A special thanks goes out to the Ottawa Urban Inline Skating Club and the volunteers who helped with starting, timing, lap counting, taking pictures, and determining the finish order.

The conceptual ranking system that Roller Sports Ontario has adopted under Peter Doucet's guidance is proving to be a success. Under the system, male and female skaters are able to compete with each other because races are done in ability groups based on a 1500 meter time trial and many skaters have the opportunity to earn prize money. For level 1, prize money is 6 deep, level 2 is 5 deep, level 3 is 4 deep, and level 4 is 3 deep for both male and female skaters. Prize money is earned based on the rankings within each level. Once the races are complete, times for all levels are ranked on one master list and points are awarded based on the order of times. The skaters with faster times earn more points and skaters with slower times earn fewer points. Points for the best 3 out of 5 stages carry over to a final year-end ranking, which recognizes the top male and female skaters in the Juvenile, Junior, Senior, Master, and Grand Master categories.

Aaron Arndt in the 1500 meter time-trial

1500 meter time trials

The racing began with a 1500 meter time trial. Aaron Arndt was able to continue his domination in the time-trial by winning over Jordan Belchos by over 7 seconds. The time trials did begin in the rain as the first skaters went off, but mid-way through the time trials, the track had just about dried up, so skaters going in the later part of the time trial had an advantage. Tatia Wallace (Toronto Inline) was able to continue her winning ways in the 1500 meter time trial on the women's side, beating Buffalo skater Carolyn Gullo by over 7 seconds. Once the time trials were completed, skaters were slotted into 4 ability levels for the next 2 races.

Level 4 1500m
Pan Lau took the lead right off the bat as the pack started the race, and Toronto Inline's Austin Belchos took the lead but failed to hold onto his speed. Toronto Inline's Gillian Clarke took the lead for good as Pan Mau fell and dropped out of the race. Clarke was able to take the victory followed by Gavin Thulien (Ottawa Urban Inliners).

Level 3 1500m

Right from the start, the pack was tight. Jennifer Morris (Toronto Inline) took the lead but was soon passed by Ray Vermette (Ottawa Urban Inliners). Morris passed Vermette back to take the lead. Bernard Doth (Montreal Elite) attacked on Morris, but Morris replied and accelerated past Doth into the lead. With 1 lap to go, Ray Vermette counter-attacked Morris' move and was able to take the win by less than one second, with all 4 skaters finishing within 2 seconds.

Level 2 1500m
From the start, Dave Tarras broke away from the group, getting a big lead on the pack, but Toronto Inline's Tatia Wallace worked to catch the breakaway. Once Tarras was caught, the pack re-grouped. With one lap to go, Wallace made her move and accelerated past the pack, with Eric Wilson going in tow. Wallace pulled hard, but with 60 meters to go, Eric Wilson took the lead and managed to edge out Wallace. All 6 skaters were within 3 seconds!

Level 1 1500m
The race started very slowly, so Toronto Inline's Jordan Belchos took advantage and broke away. Peter Doucet (CDN-Pro) caught and passed Belchos, and went into the lead. Aaron Arndt, Doucet's team-mate flew past Doucet into the lead and ended up beating Doucet by 2 1/2 seconds.

Level 3/4 10k

The race started with Ray Vermette taking the lead. Vermette was relieved by Bernard Doth, who pulled for a number of laps. The pack fizzled down to 5 skaters, with Pan May holding onto the end. Jennifer Morris attacked and broke up the pack, but 4 skaters re-grouped. Mean while, in the back of the pack, Gillian Clarke and Gavin Thulien were working together and Joanne Browne and Austin Belchos were also skating together. Belchos was told it was a points race and so was sprinting every few laps! Back in the lead pack, the skaters were setting up for a 4 skater sprint. Ray Vermette took the lead with 1 1/2 laps to go, but did not last in the lead, as Jennifer Morris stormed past the pack and managed to take the win with a long 300 meter sprint.

Level 1/2 10k
With another slow start to the race, skaters relaxed and exchanged leads as Herb Gayle (Toronto Inline) and Jordan Belchos went into the lead. Jordan Belchos and Stephane Tremblay (Ottawa Urban Inliners) went on a break-away, getting a lead of about 100 meters on the pack. Aaron Arndt chased the two down and broke with Belchos, while Herb Gayle caught up to Tremblay and skated with him. Meanwhile, Peter Doucet, Tatia, Wallace, Eric Gee (Toronto Inline), Eric Wilson, and Said Rahim (Montreal Elite) worked as a pack. With Arndt and Belchos almost 3/4 lap ahead, Doucet broke from his pack with 2.5km to go and tried to chase the duo down. Doucet just came short in the last straightaway as Arndt and Belchos took 1-2. Tatia Wallace was able to take the top position amongst the females, sprinting with Said Rahim and just being edged out in the sprint.

Tatia Wallace leads Jordan Belchos, Stephan Tremblay, Dave Tarras, and Eric Wilson during the 10km Level 1/2 race.


1500m Time Trial
Level 1

1- Aaron Arndt (2:37.65)
2- Jordan Belchos (2:44.74)
3- Peter Doucet (2:48.78)
4- Eric Gee (2:54.09)
5- Herb Gayle (2:54.68)
6- Steph. Tremblay (2:58.77)
Level 2
7- Yves Durand (2:59.00)
8- Tatia Wallace (3:02.92)
9- David Tarras (3:06.16)
10- Eric Wilson (3:07.57)
11- Said Rahim (3:07.70)
12- Carolyn Gullo (3:10.70)

Level 3

13- Bernard Doth (3:18.04)
14- Jennifer Morris (3:19.75)
15- Ray Vermette (3:21.35)
16- Frank Larue (3:24.63)
Level 4
17- Pan Lau (3:38.75)
18- Gillian Clarke (3:38.87)
19- Gavin Thulien (3:45.37)
20- Joanne Browne (3:57.71)
21- Austin Belchos (4:08.00)

*Skaters are divided into 4 ability levels based on the 1500 meter time trial.

Men and women race together but the prize money is awarded separately for each level and gender.

Points are awarded based on ranked times for all levels for each distances  (1500 meter time trial, 1500 meter pack race, and 10 kilometer pack race) and are awarded based on how many skaters complete the distance. For example, if 30 skaters competed in total, then 1st best time would earn 30 points and last ranked time would earn 1 point.

Points are combined to determine the stage champion and carry over to determine overall age-category (Juvenile, Junior, Senior, Master, Grand Master men and women) winners. Ties are broken using combined times.

Level 1 1500m

1- Aaron Arndt (2:33.69)
2- Peter Doucet (2:36.26)
3- Jordan Belchos (2:41.56)
4- Herb Gayle (2:46.96)
5- Stephane Tremblay (2:53.75)
6- Eric Gee (3:05.35)

Level 2 1500m

1- Eric Wilson (2:46.50)
2- Tatia Wallace (2:46.74)
3- Yves Durand (2:47.31)
4- David Tarras (2:48.58)
5- Said Rahim (2:48.85)
6- Carolyn Gullo (2:49.16)

Level 3 1500m

1- Ray Vermette (3:11.78)
2- Jennifer Morris (3:12.30)
3- Bernard Doth (3:12.83)
4- Frank Larue (3:13.28)

Level 4 1500m

1- Gillian Clarke (3:25.24)
2- Gavin Thulien (3:37.20)
3- Austin Belchos (3:50.19)
4- Joanne Browne (3:51.61)
5- Pan Mau (DNF)

Level 1/2 10km

1- Aaron Arndt (18:46.30)
2- Jordan Belchos (18:46.37)
3- Peter Doucet (18:48.67)
4- Stephane Tremblay (19:31.32)
5- Herb Gayle (19:37.76)
6- Said Rahim (20:17.71)
7- Tatia Wallace (20:18.44)
8- Dave Tarras (20:33.40)
9- Carolyn Gullo (20:58.97)
10- Eric Gee (21:07.84)
11- Eric Wilson (21:11.23)
12- Yves Durand (21:58.38)

Level 3/4 10km

1- Jennifer Morris (24:03.58)
2- Bernard Doth (24:06.54)
3- Frank Larue (24:07.04)
4- Ray Vermette (24:13.07)
5- Pan Mau (25:33.89)
6- Gillian Clarke (26:37.66)
7- Gavin Thulien (26:47.32)
8- Joanne Browne (28:37.37)
9- Austin Belchos (29:55.12)

Stage #2 Rankings

1- 21 pts- Aaron Arndt (63)
2- 20 pts- Jordan Belchos (59)
3- 19 pts- Peter Doucet (58)
4- 18 pts- Herb Gayle (50)
5- 17 pts- Tatia Wallace (46)
6- 16 pts- Stephane Tremblay (45)
7- 15 pts- Dave Tarras (41)
8- 14 pts- Eric Wilson (41)
9- 13 pts- Said Rahim (40)
10- 12 pts- Eric Gee (40)
11- 11 pts- Yves Durand (40)
12- 10 pts- Carolyn Gullo (35)
13- 9 pts- Jennifer Morris (25)
14- 8 pts- Bernard Doth (24)
15- 7 pts- Ray Vermette (22)
16- 6 pts- Frank Larue (19)
17- 5 pts- Gillian Clarke (13)
18- 4 pts- Pan Mau (10.5)
19- 3 pts- Gavin Thulien (10)
20- 2 pts- Joanne Browne (6)
21- 1 pts- Austin Belchos (5)

Overall Current Rankings
(skaters in bold: 3 Best results will count because they have already done 3 races)
1- 54 pts- Aaron Arndt
2- 51 pts- Peter Doucet
3- 46 pts- Herb Gayle
4- 39 pts- Tatia Wallace
5- 36 pts- Eric Gee
6- 33 pts- Jordan Belchos
7- 28 pts- Benoit Joubert
8- 25 pts- Ed Duncan
9- 20 pts- Beth Clarke
10- 18 pts- Stephane Tremblay
11- 15 pts- Carolyn Gullo
12- 15 pts- Dave Tarras
13- 14 pts- Eric Wilson
14- 13 pts- Carla Raetsen
14- 13 pts- Said Rahim
16- 11 pts- Yves Durand
16- 11 pts- Jennifer Morris
18- 10 pts- Gillian Clarke
19- 9 pts- Kevin St-Aubin
20- 8 pts- Tasha Burnside
20- 8 pts- Bernard Doth
22- 7 pts- Chelsea Parry
22- 7 pts- Len Porter
24- 6 pts- Lindsay Chard
24- 6 pts- Jacquie Raetsen
26- 7 pts- Ray Vermette
27- 6 pts- Frank Larue
28- 4 pts- Keri Chard
28- 4 pts- Jason Fischer
28- 4 pts- Pan Mau
31 3 pts- Gavin Thulien
31- 3 pts- Hui Chao Zhao
33- 2 pts- Joanne Browne
34- 1 pt- Austin Belchos
34- 1 pt- Emma Dunn
34- 1 pt- Sigrid Ziegler

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