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Swiss Inline Cup #2
   Federal Plaza Bern, SWI
   Saturday, May 31, 2003

Pascal Briand Continues Winning Streak

#1 Ranked Inliner Wins Second Swiss Inline Cup Stage in  a Row

Six Swiss made it in the top ten.  A good result, nevertheless Salomon's Pia Knecht was disappointed above all.  The 26 year old Bern hometown girl was in top form having won two weeks ago in the Worldcup stage at Rennes. The Bern course was a 6K circuit with five laps for a 30K.  The uphill ascent 1000 meters before the finish line was the place for strategy and strength to show.  Pia: "the Sprint was already launched in the uphill section. After I had worked in running much for my team, my strength was dissipated". The margin for the women's race victory was razor thin with only one hundredth second lead, Angle Vaudan beat Rollerblade team colleague Nathalie Barbotin. Vaudan already won the first SIC stage in Basel four weeks ago - exactly like Pascal Briand.

  In the men's race the Salomon team took the control in the lead in the final lap and led their Briand to the victory.

Results Swiss Inline Cup 2:
(full results linked here)

 Speed Men (30 km)

  1. Pascal Briand (Saab-Salomon) 40,26.05 
  2. Wouter Hebrecht  (Rollerblade) 2.55 back 
  3. Jorge Botero (Rollerblade) 2,63.
  4. Kalon Dobbin (Rollerblade)
  5. Franck Cardin  (Saab-Salomon)
  6. Marc Christen (VW-sportXX)
  7. Massimiliano Presti (Saab-Salomon)
  8. Reto Felder (VW-sportXX)
  9. Francesco Zangarini (Fila National)
  10. Nicolas Iten (Fila Mentos)
 Speed Women (30 km)
  1. Angle Vaudan (Rollerblade) 49,27.42 
  2. Nathalie Barbotin (Salomon) 0.01 back 
  3. Laura Lardani (Rollerblade) 0,55.
  4. Cinzia Ponsetti (Fila Mentos)
  5. Caroline Boue (Rollerblade FR)
  6. Caroline Lagree (Saab-Salomon)
  7. Nadine Gloor (Helvetia Patria Rollerblade)
  8. Maria Eva Richardson (Team RG Argentina)
  9. Celine Weiss (Fila Mentos)
  10. Pia Knecht (Saab-Salomon)


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