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Team e2xn London Meeting
   Tatem Park, Enfield London, UK
   Sunday, May 25, 2003

by our race correspondent Brian Thackray

Team e2xn London hosts its first meeting and doubles its medal haul


Race Day Conditions
A fine, early summer day (wind from the West at 10mph and 17C), for the third fixture in the Federation of Inline Speed Skating (FISS) track series and the first to be hosted by our new club, Team e2xn London. 9 clubs sent teams to the event: Derby Roller Speed Club, North London Roller Speed Club, Ratae Roller Speed Club, South Woodham Ferrers Rollerspeed Skating Club, Team Belotti UK, Team e2xn London, Team Rollerblade, Team Verducci UK and Wisbech Rollers. The spectators arrived early and the event was underway under sunny skies.

The meet was run by myself with the help of team mates. Quite a difficult job doing the race commentary and then having to organise to race at the same time. We were well supported by Federation officals and by the other clubs. Once again support services took good care of the couple of injuries occurring from crashes. The tea tent and the raffle were well patronised, and the racing was interesting as our strategy was to hold longer distance races for each category than the prior series fixtures in order to capitalise on our team strengths.

The Races
At this our "home" meet we were determined to do well, but the South Woodham Ferrers club took control of the lower categories, the largest speed skating club in the country, that continued its dominance in the lower categories, sweeping all places in both Category 6 and 5. The improving Matt Jablonski held off Aran Henley and Bethan King for Category 6 honours, while in Category 5 Robert Whiting proved the pick of the pack, outperforming Harry Hoare and Gareth King.

In Category 4 the Team e2xn London skaters attempted to unsettle David Butler of Team Verducci UK by taking up a fast pace led by Eric Butruille early on in the 1500m. But Butler stuck to his task and emerged in the lead round the final bend followed by Joshua Chaplain-Barton (Wisbech Rollers) and Sara Wallis (South Woodham Ferrers). As Christophe Pointreau (Team e2xn London) went for the outside, challenging for 3rd place, a momentary error brought him down and team-mates Nick Grant (for the second week in succession!) and Katja Wolfheimer in his wake, allowing Butruille and myself in for 4th and 5th places. In the 3000m the longer distance strategy paid off with Pointreau, despite a heavily bandaged right leg and protected knee just failing to catch Butruille, who had skated strongly leading for most of the race, at the finish. Butler trailed them in for third, securing the overall category honours by a point.


In Category 3, Team e2xn London's David Ford was eager to consolidate on his success the week before and shadowed every move of James Ashby (Wisbech Rollers). Ashby took the win in the 1500m but Ford came through strongly to beat Samuel Morrison (South Woodham Ferrers) for second, with his team-mate Etienne Bobenrieth a much improved 4th. Ashby chose to skate the 3000m more cannily and in the early and middle stages of the race Ford found himself an unwilling line leader while Bobenrieth struggled to come to terms with the leading four which also included Matthew Price (Ratae) and Morrison. Ashby made a successful breakaway with 3 laps to go and though Ford was closing the gap at the finish it was to no avail. Price snatched third place but category honours went the way of the 1500m podium -- Ashby, Ford and Morrison.  

Team e2xn London's Gavin Pollock made a better showing this week as his blisters continue to heal taking third in the 1500m just ahead of coach and mentor Dave Kelly skating for Team Belotti UK. Team Rollerblade's Richard Webb skated well to finish first ahead of his team-mate Jonathan Morrison. In the 5000m Team Rollerblade continued to impress with Morrison achieving a significant breakaway after the halfway point. As the other racers failed to respond Webb headed the paceline and was not challenged. As a result Morrison was able to increase his lead skating hard and eventually catch the paceline and lap it. In the ensuing sprint for the places Webb held off Stephen Ketteridge (Team Verducci UK) for second.

The anticipated battle between the North London and Team Verducci UK in Category 1 was diminished by the absence of Chris Stafford and Birmingham's Vincent Henry was left on his own to take on the men in black from the South. In the 1500m North London led by Adrian Wordsworth pressed the pace with a series of attacks which were difficult for Henry to combat. This left Chris Amphaduh to edge first place from team-mate Nick McKenzie, with Henry in third. The pattern was repeated in the 5000m with some intense charges by each of the North Londoners until Henry capitulated. MacKenzie took the win, and category honours, comfortably from Ampaduh, with Wordsworth in third.


In the late afternoon the age group category races began with a large field for the 12 and unders 1000m. A couple of comings together off the start thinned the field out quicker than had been anticipated.  James Ashby (Wisbech Rollers) confirmed his supremacy taking the win from Samuel Morrison and an imroving Billy Moore of South Woodham Ferrers. The 13 to 17 2000m also went more or less according to form with Richard Webb securing the win in front of his Team Rollerblade partner Jonathan Morrison, with Stephen Ketteridge of Team Verducci UK in third. In the Senior Ladies 3000m, run concurrently with the Veterans 3000m, Katja Woflheimer of Team e2xn London hung on for third place despite the stiffness she encounterred following her wipe out in an earlier race. Chanelle Moore showed a clean pair of heels to her South Woodham team-mate Naomi Palmen-Bailey to take the win. In the Veteran's event Dave Kelly of Team Belotti UK was a comfortable winner followed in by Nick Grant and myself from Team e2xn London. In the Senior Men's 5000m vincent Henry from Team Verducci UK took his revenge, winning from Nick McKenzie and Chris Amphaduh of North London. Team e2xn London's seniors, Gavin Pollock, David Ford, Etienne Bobenrieth, Eric Butruille and Gary Derwent, all used the race to gain experience for their future competitions. 

A couple of friendly rat races for non-licenced skaters completed the day's activities. A great and supportive crowd stayed on for the awards ceremony and our post-event team briefing immediately suggested that we try to squeeze into the schedule an extra Team e2xn London track meeting before the end of the season.  


Category 6   

 300m   500m  
 1. Matt Jablonski               South Woodham Ferrers   1. Matt Jablonski               South Woodham Ferrers  
 2. Aran Henley                 South Woodham Ferrers   2. Aran Henley                  South Woodham Ferrers  
 3. Bethany Clayden          South Woodham Ferrers   3. Bethan King                  South Woodham Ferrers  

Category 5

 500m   1000m  
 1. Robert Whiting              South Woodham Ferrers   1. Robert Whiting              South Woodham Ferrers  
 2. Colette Cronin              Ratae RSC    2. Harry Hoare                 South Woodham Ferrers  
 3. Gareth King                 South Woodham Ferrers   3. Gareth King                  South Woodham Ferrers  

Category 4

 1500m   3000m  
 1. David Butler                  Team Verducci UK   1. Eric Butruille                  Team e2xn London  
 2. Joshua Chaplain-Barton  Wisbech Rollers     2. Christophe Pointreau      Team e2xn London  
 3. Sara Wallis                    South Woodham Ferrers   3. David Butler                  Team Verducci UK  

Category 3

 1500m   3000m  
 1. James Ashby                 Wisbech Rollers   1. James Ashby                 Wisbech Rollers  
 2. David Ford                     Team e2xn London    2. David Ford                     Team e2xn London  
 3. Samuel Morrison            South Woodham Ferrers   3. Matthew Price                 Ratae RSC  

 Category 2

 1500m   5000m  
 1. Richard Webb                Team Rollerblade   1. Jonathan Morrison          Team Rollerblade  
 2. Jonathan Morrison          Team Rollerblade    2. Richard Webb                Team Rollerblade  
 3. Gavin Pollock                 Team e2xn London   3. Stephen Ketteridge        Team Verducci UK  

 Category 1

 1500m   5000m  
 1. Chris Amphaduh             North London   1. Nick McKenzie                North London  
 2. Nick McKenzie                North London        2. Chris Amphaduh             North London  
 3. Vincent Henry                Team Verducci UK   3. Adrian Wordsworth         North London  

 Age Group Racing

 12 and under 1000m   13 to 17 2000m  
 1. James Ashby                 Wisbech Rollers   1. Richard Webb                Team Rollerblade  
 2. Samuel Morrison            South Woodham Ferrers        2. Jonathan Morrison          Team Rollerblade  
 3. Billy Moore                    South Woodham Ferrers   3. Stephen Ketteridge        Team Verducci UK  


 Senior Ladies 3000m   Senior Men 5000m  
 1. Chanelle Moore              South Woodham Ferrers   1. Vincent Henry                Team Verducci UK  
 2. Naomi Palmen-Bailey      South Woodham Ferrers                  2. Nick McKenzie                North London  
 3. Katja Wolfheimer            Team e2xn London   3. Chris Amphaduh             North London  

 Veterans 3000m
 1. Dave Kelly                     Team Belotti UK
 2. Nick Grant                     Team e2xn London
 3. Brian Thackray              Team e2xn London

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