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South Woodham Ferrers Meeting
   Tatem Park, Enfield London, UK
   Sunday, May 18, 2003

by our race correspondent Brian Thackray

Golden Ford for Team e2xn London as North London takes over from Team Verducci UK

Race Day Conditions
Another blustery (wind from the South West at 20mph and 14C), and threatening spring day with the rain just holding off under stormy clouds as the Federation of Inline Speed Skating (FISS) race series moved to Tatem Park, Enfield, on the borders of north London for a race meeting hosted by the South Woodham Ferrers Rollerspeed Skating Club. At this second outdoor track meeting of the national season the contrast could not be more marked moving from the traditional oval of Birmingham to a more doughnut shaped banked track of 227m in a natural grass amphitheatre in a small public park. 9 clubs sent teams to the event: Derby Roller Speed Club, North London Roller Speed Club, Ratae Roller Speed Club, South Woodham Ferrers Rollerspeed Skating Club, Team Belotti UK, Team e2xn London, Team Rollerblade, Team Verducci UK and Wisbech Rollers.

The meet was run by Alan Moore of the South Woodham Ferrers Club in a relaxed and convivial manner as teams erected their tents around the grassy perimeter and supporters cheered on their racers. The friendly atmosphere was underpinned by excellent support services, who took good care of the couple of injuries occurring from crashes. The tea tent was well patronised and the category racing was close and competitive.

The Races
This was an important race for our new team as Tatem Park is used as our training facility and we had a number of local supporters out to encourage us.

But it was predictably the South Woodham Ferrers club, the largest speed skating club in the country, that continued its dominance in the lower categories, sweeping all podium places in the Category 6 events, with Bethan King determinedly hauling back the other racers to take the 500m and the category victory. In Category 5 South Woodham also took the first two places with Gareth King placing first in both events, seconded by Joshua Morrison.

In Category 4 the Team e2xn London skaters faced a new challenge from David Butler of Team Verducci UK. In the 500m final he narrowly escaped being overhauled in the final straight when a clipped skate brought down Brian Thackray, Gary Derwent and Nick Grant in a painful end to their effort, and Joshua Chaplain-Barton of Wisbech Rollers and Kyna Foster (out of the Southgate club, Seattle, Washington) skated in for second and third. Nick Grant got up from his crash to finish in 4th place for his track debut. The 1,2,3 maintained their podium positions in the 1000m despite the effort of another Team e2xn London debutant, Alastair Johnston, who managed 4th. Katja Wolfheimer, like Alastair, eliminated in the 500m heats, followed him home strongly in the longer race. 

In Category 3, Team e2xn London's David Ford began an eventful afternoon with an unplanned excursion on to the grass in-field of the track as he misjudged a pace line move in the 500m to finish last.  Matthew Price of Ratae RSC took the win with Samuel Morrison of South Woodham second and James Ashby of Wisbech third. In the second race for the category the 1500m James used his tactical nous to take the win. Matthew Price finished second and took the category victory with Samuel Morrison in third place overall by the narrowest of margins, holding off a final surge to the line by David Ford by the diameter of a wheel. David had, however, left his mark on the category and will prove a formidable challenger in events to come. Etienne Bobenreith finished back of the placings in both races in this his track debut.

Team e2xn London's Gavin Pollock, still not recovered from his foot problems, struggled with the pace of the junior racers in Category 2, and it was Team Rollerblade who upset Team Verducci UK with a particularly strong performance from Jonathan Morrison to take both the 500 and 3000m from a subdued Daniel Henry with Rollerblade teammate Richard Webb in third.

With the absence of Team Verducci UK's Category 1 seniors (competing in the Roller World Cup at Rennes), the men in black from North London dominated a small field. Chris Amphaduh and Nick McKenzie swapped first and second places, easily outpacing veteran Adrian Wordsworth when they wanted to, with Nick taking category honours by nipping in to snatch the 5000m on the line.

In the later afternoon with spots of rain worrying some racers that they were in for a downpour, the  Devils saw an expected 1,2,3 in Categories 5 & 6 with Gareth King taking his third win of the day, but Ratae's Collette Cronin keeping Gareth's South Woodham teammate, Joshua Morrison, out of second. The Category 3 & 4 Devil again went according to form with all Category 3 racers placing in front of those from Category 4. But David Ford surprised by leading out with 2 laps to go and holding on to take the first win for Team e2xn London in national track racing from a rapidly closing James Ashby of Wisbech Rollers and South Woodham's Samuel Morrison. The 5000m points race for Categories 1 & 2 combined was dominated by the North London racers who blew the pack apart when they put the hammer down on the first points lap. Nick McKenzie took the win after he and Chris Ampaduh swapped first and second several times to score their points, with Derby's Tom Baradell in third.


A friendly crowd saw a good day's racing, fortunate enough to miss the rain which seemed to fall everywhere but at Tatem Park. 


Category 6   

 300m   500m  
 1. Aran Henley                  South Woodham Ferrers   1. Bethan King                  South Woodham Ferrers  
 2. Bethan King                  South Woodham Ferrers   2. Aran Henley                  South Woodham Ferrers  
 3. Bethany Clayden           South Woodham Ferrers   3. Bethany Clayden           South Woodham Ferrers  

Category 5

 500m   800m  
 1. Gareth King                  South Woodham Ferrers   1. Gareth King                  South Woodham Ferrers  
 2. Collette Cronin              Ratae RSC     2. Joshua Morrison            South Woodham Ferrers  
 3. Joshua Morrison            South Woodham Ferrers   3. Collette Cronin              Ratae RSC  

Category 4

 500m   1000m  
 1. David Butler                  Team Verducci UK   1. David Butler                  Team Verducci UK  
 2. Joshua Chaplain-Barton  Wisbech Rollers     2. Joshua Chaplain-Barton  Wisbech Rollers  
 3. Kyna Foster                   Team e2xn London   3. Kyna Foster                   Team e2xn London  

Category 3

 500m   1500m  
 1. Matthew Price                 Ratae RSC   1. James Ashby                 Wisbech Rollers  
 2. Samuel Morrison            South Woodham Ferrers    2. Matthew Price                Ratae RSC  
 3. James Ashby                 Wisbech Rollers   3. Samuel Morrison            South Woodham Ferrers  

 Category 2

 500m   3000m  
 1. Jonathan Morrison          Team Rollerblade   1. Jonathan Morrison          Team Rollerblade  
 2. Daniel Cox                    Team Verducci UK    2. Daniel Cox                    Team Verducci UK  
 3. Richard Webb                Team Rollerblade   3. Richard Webb                Team Rollerblade  

 Category 1

 500m   3000m  
 1. Chris Amphaduh             North London   1. Nick McKenzie                North London  
 2. Nick McKenzie                North London        2. Chris Amphaduh             North London  
 3. Adrian Wordsworth         North London   3. Adrian Wordsworth         North London  


 Category 5 & 6   Category 3 & 4  
 1. Gareth King                   South Woodham Ferrers   1. David Ford                     Team e2xn London  
 2. Collette Cronin               Ratae RSC        2. James Ashby                  Wisbech Rollers  
 3. Joshua Morrison             South Woodham Ferrers   3. Samuel Morrison             South Woodham Ferrers  

5000m Points

 Category 1 & 2
 1. Nick McKenzie                North London
 2. Chris Amphaduh            North London     
 3. Tom Baradell                 Derby RSC



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