Thursday, February 23, 2006
25 Skaters Online
Caravan Series #1
   Baysox Stadium Bowie, MD
   Saturday, May 17, 2003

Empire's Darren Kauffman takes Win in Eaglehawk Finish over Canariam's Juan Gomez

The Caravan Race Series returned with the season opener today- the first of nine scheduled races this year.  With a forecast for rain and 49 degrees the skater turnout was very low this day.  Fortunately there are many good races coming up in the series including 20K races at a new course.  Check out the race listings for details.

It was a day when no one wanted to go on a flyer- better to huddle in the pack.  The 2002 series champ, Capital Racing's Jose Escobar, was having an off day and no gas for one of his expected solo breakaways.  That left the race to the sprinters: Juan Gomez and Darren Kauffman.  Kauffman led Gomez into the final turn in a full sprint.  Down the straightaway they drew even, then Kauffman pulled it out with a little extra juice and a better eaglehawk.

In the womens race WOWSkate's Lisa Harrison maintained a strong pace the entire race to beat Capital Racing's Ashley Camper.



  1. Darren Kauffman, Empire
  2. Juan Gomez, Canariam
  3. Kenny Pheil, Fast Forward
  4. Jose Escobar, Capital Racing
  5. Jose Tellehaeche, Team Caravan
  6. Rodney Grabinski, Team Caravan
  7. Anthony Lee, Capital Racing
  8. Don Giese, Team Caravan
  9. Justin Dingle, Fast Forward
  1. Lisa Harrison, WOWSkate
  2. Ashley Camper, Capital Racing
  3. Monique Mansoura, WOWSkate




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