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Empire Skate Series Stage 2
   Orchard Beach Bronx, NY
   Saturday, May 10, 2003

Empire's Bret Whitman and Helen Havam Repeat Their Wins of One Month Ago

Duo Dominate Orchard Beach With Wins in First Two Stages of the Empire Skate Series 2003

The weeks bad weather cleared up and left hundreds of skaters with nice conditions for stage two at beautiful Orchard Beach on its fast smooth half mile loop.  Several hundred recreational and advanced skaters showed up for a chance to take home over $10,000 worth of Hyper, Verducci, Twincam, Transpack, Canarim, BSB, Salomon, K2, Limar, Rudy Project, Bont, Labeda, Balance Bars, Cliff Bars, Itoen teas, Michelob ULTRA....... well you get the idea.


Pro Men

The pro mens race was one of the more enjoyable races to watch that we have ever run on the half mile track by the beach. The race started with everyone feeling each other out, until Empires Luis "Pipe" Botero and Juan Naula took off hard and fast trying to get away early. Verducci's Jason Sepulveda was away with them for several miles until Juan got a cramp in his shin and dropped out. This is a scenerio that played out all day. Empire would send pairs of skaters out all day long and Verducci would be left to reel them in. 

Steve Krawulski and Jay Sepulveda put in a very hard days work. UTA/Reidels Aaron Warr was seen on several breaks but this was to be Empires day. With one lap to go Remy Chait/Empire took off with David Morales/ Chile in tow and opened up a 10 second gap. Coming up the final two hundred meters it was just a question if Remy could hold off his Chilean counterpart for the win. Out of nowhere Jay Sepulveda rocketed to the front of the chase pack and got a 15 foot lead on Bret Whitman and Eddie Wilcox with a 100 meters to go. In one of the best finishes of the year Bret gave a superhuman, effort caught Jay and Hawked him at the line for the win. Eddie Wilcox just beat Remy for third and the Chile World Team member David Morales took 5th. The video of the finish will definitely be posted soon on

Pro Women

The Pro-Womens race was very highly anticipated for a number of reasons. Mainly Mogema's big guns Kimberly Derrick and Erin DiJulio would be in town looking for some revenge. Empire had a strong showing in the Disney Marathon placing 5 girls in the top 21 and their was a little controversy over their international flavor. Empire led by 2002 World Team qualifier Helen Havam, Colombian World Team member (12 times) Bibiana Calle, Colombian teen sensation Luisa Castillo, and two of the top USA junior girls: Samantha Carr and Liz Drenkhan. They would prove to be ready for the challenge.

The pack had eight ladies with one lap to go, as soon as they crossed the line for the bell the wait was on for who would attack first. As soon as they entered the corner Empires Bibi Calle blasted out from the back of the pack and started a Dane Lewis type lead out. This all out sprint broke up the pack and Erin Di Julio battled Luisa Castillo for the spot behind Bibi. Erin was strong enough to secure the spot followed by Luisa,Helen,Kimberly then Kristen St.Nicholas of Verducci. Bibi did what amounted to a quarter mile lead out, as she led out around the final corner and up the backstretch with her team well positioned she stood up and watched Helen Havam pull away for the win. The surprise of the day was Empires Luisa Castillo battling Kimberly Derrick for the second spot and just losing by 18 inches with her hawk.Erin DiJulio followed up in fourth just ahead of Verduccis Kris St Nicholas and Empires Junior stars Elizabeth Drenkhahn
and Samantha Carr.

The Empire Team was very impressed with the Mogema Ladies and look forward to many great hard fought battles in the future.




  1. Bret Whitman Empire
  2. Jay Sepulveda Verducci
  3. Eddie Wilcox Empire
  4. Remy Chait Empire
  5. David Morales Chile
  6. Aaron Warr Reidel/UTV
  7. Luis Botero Empire
  8. Scotty Bliss Empire
  9. Pat Crevling Empire
  10. Sean O'Brian Empire
  11. Mike Chambers Canariam
  12. Jose Escobar Capital Racing
  13. SteveKraulwski Verducci
  14. Darren Kaufmin Empire
  15. Aaron Kincaide Empire
  1. Helen Havam Empire
  2. Kimberly Derrick Mogema
  3. Luisa Castillo Empire
  4. Erin DiJulio Mogema
  5. Kristen St Nicholas Verducci
  6. Elizabeth Drenkhahn Empire
  7. Samantha Carr Empire
  8. Bibiana Calle Empire

Masters Men

  1. Kevin Larson EC Beast
  2. Glen Corso Empire
  3. Dennis Humphries Empire
  4. Max Ivinetsky Empire
  5. Miguel Patino Empire
  6. Robert Piedra Empire
  7. Paul McDonald Drive Sports
  8. John Morales Empire
  9. Mark Grabowicz Capital Racing
  10. Anthony Lee Capital Racing
  1. Barrie Hartman Empire
  2. Andrea Leonard ICB
  3. Patty Leazier Bont
  4. Ann Morris Frenchtown

Masters Men was won by EC Beasts Kevin Larson and the Masters ladies was won by Empires Barrie Hartman.


Empires Central Park Marathon June 22nd will be our only race this year in the Park so please go to and register early. This is sure to be a sell out!!! We are limited. If you missed Disney you dont want to miss this one. and will have pictures and video.  Stay tuned for more info.

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