Thursday, February 23, 2006
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NESL Invitational
   Rollarama Schenectady, NY
   Saturday, May 03, 2003


The turnout was a little light at the Northeast Speed League Invitational due to many people going to the Olympic Training Center's only clinic before outdoor nationals. For the 120+ skaters that came they were treated to a well run event by Cathy Morante and a super tight floor. The Schenectady rink is famous for how fast the track always is !!! Dont miss this event next year.

Jeff Foster's SOS team was the largest team in attendance followed by the host team LC speed, Paul Di Julio's Rhode Island RISK team, then Empire of NYC.

Bret Whitman swept the pro men's division winning every race: 500, 1500, 3000 points. This was done in dominating fashion, he ran from the front in each race. Michigan's Team X-cel's Brandon Derrick and Empire's Eddie Wilcox were his main competition, along with Luis Botero and Shawn O'Brian.

Kimberly Derrick was the overall winner in the pro women's division. Most of these races were hotly contested with Verducci's Kristen St Nicholas and Jenna Lezon of LC speed taking the top three overall spots.

There was some controversy over the ladies 30 lap points race that was run on the NIRA track-  inexplicably run with USARS rules. Apparently this is what they will do at indoor nationals this year, or at least that is what is in the rule book at this point.  Kimberly was disqualified from this race for what many of us felt to be fair and correct skating form for the NIRA track. The USARS rules that prohibit snaking and what ice people would call a peanut track have to be allowed on the NIRA track.  This was never resolved so the men's 30 lap point race was run on the USARS track.

All in all this is a great meet and we recommend trying to make it next year.

Pro men

  1. Bret Whitman,  Empire
  2. Brandon Derrick, X-cel
  3. Eddie Wilco, Empire
  4. Shaun O'Brian, RISK (Empire)
  5. Luis Botero, RISK (Empire)
Pro Women
  1. Kimberly Derrick, Mogema (X-cel)
  2. Kristen St Nicholas, Verducci (LC speed)
  3. Jenna Lezon, LC Speed
  4. Erin Di Julio, Mogema (X-cel)
  5. Helen Havam, Empire (Frenchtown)

Master Men

  1. Kevin Larson, EC Beast (LC speed)
  2. Glen Corso, Empire Speed
  3. Max Ivenitsky, Empire Speed
  4. Robert Piedra, Empire Speed

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