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38 Skaters Online
Tampa Classic Outdoor
   Raymond James Stadium Tampa, FL
   Monday, April 21, 2003

News & Results by: Hyper's Jim Larson
Story & Photo: Jim Larson

Joey Mantia broke early and lapped the entire field in the 20k and never looked back. The race was left open for 2nd place. In the field sprint, Jonathan Webster shot out of the final corner to take the final 100 meters and out-lasting Anthony Labello with a hawk at the line for 2nd and 3rd respectively. Jordan Nelson raced to the line for that 4th spot followed by Shawn Smith of Emerald Coast taking 5th.

The young man from Verducci didn't stop there. In the 1500m Mantia broke away and the race was controlled all the way to the finish line. So far he is 2 for 2 for the day. Joey Mantia of Verducci National went on to go 3 for 3 in the World Class Men's points race. Sweeping most of the points and prime laps, he managed to fly solo to the finish line in victory.

World Class Men - 20k
1. Joey Mantia - Verducci National
2. Jonathan Webster - Unattached
3. Anthony Labello - Riedell
4. Jordan Nelson - Simmons Racing
5. Shawn Smith - Emerald Coast

Brittany Bowe went on to win the World Class Ladies 20k hands down. She took it to the rest of the field playing the cat and mouse game. One mistake on the rest of the field, they left it to the field sprint to try and take the victory from Bowe. Let's just say this, it didn't work.  Bowe also went on to win the 1500m in quite a familiar style. In the field sprint it was Bowe again taking it to the World Class Ladies.

World Class Ladies - 20k
1. Brittany Bowe - Verducci National
2. Milka Herrera - Unattched
3. Daniella Martinez - Super Wheels
4. Stephanie Abraham - Stardust

The Master men's field was taken by Rodney Green. Coming off a victory at the Disney Marathon, Green was ready to go again. Norm Kirby countered a break initiated by Hyper's Jim Larson. Kirby and Larson pulled from the rest of the field. Green managed to bridge the gap and pull away from Larson with Kirby on his heels. Larson was able to maintain that 3rd spot for quite sometime, with a head wind on the back stretch it was able to get the best of him. Desmond Kaemeka and Dave Weber were able to reel a tiring Larson in on the final 2 laps. On the final lap it was Green and Kirby taking the top two spots. The race was for 3rd in the field sprint. Larson, Weber and Kaemeka, grouped together, coming out of the final turn it was on. Weber on the inside followed by Larson and Kaemeka on the outside charging hard to the lineit was Desmond taking that 3rd spot followed by Weber and Larson respectively.

Pro Master - 10k
1. Rodney Green - Simmons Racing
2. Norm Kirby - Simmons Racing
3. Desmond Kaemeka - Stardust
4. Dave Weber - Emerald Coast
5. Jim Larson - Hyper Racing

Pro Master Ladies - 10k
1. Julie Loving - Emerald Coast
2. Carol Hochstein- Central Florida

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