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World Inline Cup Seoul
   City Streets Seoul, S. Korea
   Sunday, April 13, 2003

Hypers Diego Rosero gets nipped at the line and takes second place at the first Grand Prix for 2003.

Teams Hyper, Salomon, Rollerblade, Fila and Verducci were just a few of the big names at the first Grand Prix of 2003. The pro mens race started with Rollerblades world team attacking from the gun. The first few miles were consistently fast as all of the pro teams jockeyed for positioning at the front of the pack. Rollerblades Shane Dobbin attempted a major break away early on, but was reeled in after a short time off the front. As the pro men entered a downhill stretch the pack re-grouped and began to anticipate the final stretch of the race. As early as 5K remaining the big teams began to fight for position in anticipation for the final field sprint. With everyone still together in the final 1500 meters Hypers Chad Hedrick quickly took things into his own hands as he blasted to the front of the pack with teammate Diego Rosero in tow. Entering the final turn Hedrick led fast allowing Rosero to initiate the final sprint to the finish. Just when it looked as though Rosero would have a clear shot to victory, Salomons Pascal Briand managed to sneak by and literally steal the win from Hypers Diego Rosero.

Pro Men Results:
1. Pascal Briand Salomon FRA
2. Diego Rosero Hyper COL
3. Massimiliano Presti Salomon ITA
4. Jorge Botero Rollerblade COL
5. Franck Cardin Salomon FRA
6. Arnaud Gicquel Rollerblade FRA
7. Baptiste Grandgirard Fila FRA
8. Martin Escobar Roces ARG
9. Juan Carlos Betancur Salomon COL
10. Christoph Zschaetzsch Fila GER

In the pro womens race Hypers Cecilia Baena was primed and ready to show the world that she is the worlds fastest inline racer at the young age of sixteen. Skating solo, Cecilia Baena had to use smart race strategy and waste as little energy as possible. Cecilias plan was simple, wait until the end of race and out sprint everyone to the finish line. Teams Salomon, Verducci and Roces managed to contain all challengers until the final sprint. With 300 meters remaining the pro-womens pack rounded the final right handed turn to the finish and realized that they had to battle their way through a number of the 20k skaters that were finishing just in front of them. Verduccis Jessica Smith initiated the sprint with Adelia Marra and Cecilia Baena in tow. Suddenly, out of nowwhere, Hypers Cecila Baena was bumped by one of the 20k skaters and hit the pavement. Verduccis Jessica Smith managed to hold her lead all the way to the finish line as Adelia Marra and Laura Lombardo held on for second and third respectively.

Pro Women Results:
1. Jessica Smith Verducci USA
2. Adelia Marra Fila ITA
3. Laura Lombardo Roces ITA
4. Silvia Nino Rollerblade COL
5. Kuok Chaei KRSF KOR
6. Andrea Gonzales Roces ARG
7. Laura Lardani Rollerblade ITA
8. Andrea Haritchellar Roces ARG
9. Theresa Cliff Verducci USA

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