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Disney - Stardust Speedskating Report
   Disney World Orlando, FL
   Sunday, March 30, 2003

The Inaugural Disney Inline Marathon was great event! Stardust was well represented with some great skaters including coach Sammy Johnson! Kudos to Jarret,  Brandi, Mitchell, Austin, Desmond, Vince, Randall, Heather, and of course Sammy! Over 1700 skaters showed up for this first Disney Race. The outcome was a fun one.  Fast and furious was the pace from the start...

The Pro Men's Race ended with an exciting sprint to the finish with Diego Rosero taking home the win with Jordan Malone in 2nd and Tampa's own, Jonathon Webster in third. The Pro Ladies was an exciting race as well with Cecilia Baena taking the win and Julie Glass in 2nd and Angele Vaudan of France in 3rd. Not far behind in that lead pack was our own Heather Elliott representing HYPER (of course) and helping her teammates for the win!.

Pro Men Sprint for the Finish!
Joe Hanna

NOW, the good stuff! Jarrett Paul wins the Advanced racers OVERALL, and of course wins his age group (FYI... Jarrett, in typical Jarrett form, was skating on only 4 of his OLD 84mm wheels and one borrowed 80mm... this proves my theory... It's not always the equipment that wins a race!!!)! This pace was so fast that their group that started 2 minutes BEHIND the PRO ladies, Beat the Pro Ladies to the finish by almost 2 minutes! Not Far behind Jarret was Mitchell Campbell. the biggest upset was Austin Rivera who redeemed himself today and we give him an honorary 3:16, would have won the 1/2 marathon that he was SUPPOSED to be entered in, but somehow there was a mistake and he was put into the full marathon and was guided the wrong direction and did not come down the home stretch as he should have.... NOT AT ALL AUSTIN OR STARDUST'S FAULT.. AUSTIN In our hearts, YOU WON!

Brandi Tonkin with a big second place finish sprinted down the home stretch to beat a lot of the guys and almost had a win over Coach Sammy, "but that was just NOT going to happen", says Sammy. Desmond was in the final sprints of the Pro Masters and finished quite respectably, Vince Casserly wins his division and I believe Randall also placed up there! Sammy.......... DID good :) Sammy finished respectably! If I forgot anyone, remind me and I will post as soon as I can!
All in all, a fun and great race day!

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Photos copyright of Joe Hanna
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