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NIRA Nationals
   Dairy Ashford Houston, TX
   Sunday, March 23, 2003

The 2003 NIRA National Championships took place in Houston, Texas at the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink. The 3rd year in a row that this event was a great success. Great awards and outstanding racing went on this past weekend. Senior Men's winner Fourth Lacey battled with the Little Big Man Jordan Malone in divsion. Jordan Malone went on to Capture the overall Dash For Cash title in a quick time of 10.64. Fourth Lacey didn't let the speedster stop him there, Fourth went on to take the Last Man Out overall cup. The other Jordan, Jordan Nelson gave the man from Houston Texas a run for his money but only to fall a bit short on the last lap as Lacey went on to cross the line ahead of Nelson.

Heidi Miller made the trip down to Houston from Wisconsin to take the overall Senior Ladies title. Bree Ryan took the overall Dash For Cash title and cup in a winning time of 11.813. Only to edge out team mate Brandi Stovall with a time of 11.872.

Hyper's Jim Larson took the Dash for Cash title in the 30 years and older category, but Larson was not finished there as he went on to win his 1st NIRA National title. Which in previous years he fell short of taking the overall title in the National Inline Racing Association.

The NIRA would like to give thanks to the Dairy Ashford Rink staff, sponsors, and officials that supported the event for 2003. We look forward to seeing everone for the 2004 NIRA NATIONAL Championships at a site yet to be determined.

*photo - Jackie McCary/Weber Sports
*results - Debbie Cotter/Jim Larson

2003 NIRA NATIONALS Championship Results

Tiny Tot Girls
1. Stephanie Benites Austin TX

Primary Boys
1. Brandon Buck Belleview FL
2. Timothy Brannon Greenville TX
3. Brock Donnelly Houston TX

Primary Girls
1. Darian ONeil Warren MI
2. Kara Speights Springfield MO
3. Johnna Williams Pasadena TX

Juvenile Boys
1. Marvin Parker Irving TX
2. Jonathan Blair Roswell GA

Juvenile Girls
1. Cortnee Hosler Wichita KS
2. Jessica Nelson Greenville TX
3. Katelynn McDaniel Pasadena TX

Elementary Boys
1. Colin Thomas Houston TX
2. Kyle Tidwell Richmond TX
3. Brandon Esianor Dallas TX

Elementary Girls
1. Katie Speights Springfield MO
2. Lexis Gil Missouri City TX
3. Kelsey Brymer Austin TX

Freshman Boys
1. Cole Bettes Houston TX
2. Brent Phillip Houston TX
3. Mitch Dieringer Austin TX

Freshman Girls
1. Stephanie Combs Houston TX
2. Emily Scott Springfield MO
3. Paige Schwartzburg Ocala FL

Sophomore Men
1. Bobby Letterio Denton TX
2. Aram Bell Houston TX
3. David Taylor Tomball TX

Sophomore Ladies
1. Bree Ryan Houston TX
2. Brandi Stovall Kingwood TX
3. Krista Kaufman Houston TX

Junior Men
1. Todd Foley Des Moines IA
2. Keith Labhart Houston TX
3. Jeremy Murphy Lafayette LA

Junior Ladies
1. London Muse Des Moines IA
2. Maria Cosentino Wichita KS
3. Desiree Marmalejo San Antonio TX

Senior Men
1. Fourth Lacey Houston TX
2. Jordan Malone Denton TX
3. Dustin Garcia Spring TX

Senior Ladies
1. Heidi Miller Waukesha WI
2. Tamara Paulsen Huntington NY
3. Melissa Sconyers Austin TX

Hyper's Jim Larson Brings Home His 1st NIRA National Title

Master Men
1. Jim Larson Springfield IL
2. Norm Kirby Colorado Springs CO
3. Gene Brymer Austin TX

Master Ladies
1. Kelly Gil Missouri City TX
2. Jennifer Simmons Liberty MO
3. Rebecca Howe Houston TX

Grand Master Men
1. David Weber Milton FL
2. John Weber Austin TX
3. John Cassady Azle TX

Grand Master Ladies
1. Debbi Smotrilla Austin TX
2. Melanie Holt Houston TX

Newcomer A Boys

1. Donald Saltmarsh Austin TX
2. Gustayo Masterleo Austin TX
3. Trevor Cary Wichita KS

Newcomer A Girls

1. Britney Steele Des Moines IA
2. Danielle Lopez Austin TX
3. Chandler Bigby Greenville TX

Newcomer B Boys

1. Bryce Odom Mesquite TX
2. Ryan Goodman Haysville TX
3. Austin Bigby Greenville TX

Newcomer B Girls

1. Hayden Newman Maumelle AR
2. Alex Gregg Wichita KS
3. Tiffany Brannon Greenville TX

Newcomer C Boys

1. Jasper Donald Little Rock AR
2. Kyle Svilar Little Rock AR
3. Dan Runewicz Garland TX

Newcomer C Girls

1. Pam Davidson Houston TX
2. Brittany Blackstock Houston TX
3. Kiretsn Todd Austin TX

Newcomer D Boys

1. Chase Kearney Mesquite TX
2. Wyton Diaz Humble TX
3. Tony Jones Little Rock AR

Newcomer D Girls

1. Ernie Frame Las Vegas NV
2. Sara Saltmarsh Austin TX
3. Teresa Beaird Austin TX



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