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Inline to Ice, continued...
   Thialf Heerenveen Heerenveen, NL
   Sunday, March 09, 2003

Our last report on the inline to ice trend exposed considerable interest in this subject.  One of our readers was kind enough to send these pictures of Chad Hedrick on the ice in Europe. We have also been alerted to the fact that a number of recent inline to ice candidates will compete at the U. S. National and the North American Short Track Championships being held at the end of March at the Petit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Stay tuned for the results and more news.  For more information see: U. S. Speedskating or The Petit National Ice Center. 

Chad Hedrick: double-push?
Here are photos of Chad Hedrick in the World Cup 5000M race at Thialf Heerenveen, Netherlands, on March 9, 2003.  Chad placed second in his B group.  B Group might be said to be somewhat like USA indoor inline JO.  However, only the first 3 skaters in the A group were faster than Chad.
Knowledgeable long track ice observers commented on his power, speed, poor technique, and the great progress he's made in the short time he's been skating.  Also that he's no longer trying to do double-push on ice, and that he skates on "skeelershoes" (inline boots) with only 3 rows of laces. (They didn't say if he skates with laces untied, as he was said to have done inline.) Some ice people are saying that if Chad learns to skate properly, the could be the world's best.

Eric Kraan, a good skater who skated the same event as Chad, reports: "Well, you can hang me from the top of the Thialf! But Chad started skating on traditional form.. maybe with a little bit of inconsistent laps (low 30's to high 31's) and then with about 2k to go, you could see that he was getting tired. I mean TIRED! So he went back to what he knows best and to all of those people that are still not believers he finished the race without ever hitting the 32's double pushing his way for about 5 laps putting his hands on his legs and sticking his tongue on the air. HE WAS DPing!" His comment about not hitting 32's means that Chad didn't slow down at the end of the race, as ice skaters often do.

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